Since then, we have been given a temporary location. It does not matter to you or me whether you are newly aware, or need to be more aware of the planet, or have just become interested, our planet is calling!

Land: Ocean waters, beautiful mountain climates, large lakes, rich, abundant, or abundant farmland, and it accommodates you, me, and our friends and family.

We are all just mortal; Each with our own time ticking clock. Complete with one Expiration Date; Before we reach our destiny

Although the expiration date and time are unknown, we can individually choose to survive and thrive when we are eager and productive! Now is the time to be aware and care, if you dare or are aware of the need to better rebuild, revitalize and care for our life-giving, forgiving and loving planet. You will understand the collective need to grow your own food and eat less meat and enjoy more sunlight.

Every life on earth is like a bold and glittering star: listening to the call of your sweet soul. The call for each of us is to illuminate the heavens with much wisdom, which has been expressed and revealed from thought and brought to life … Please know this: Unless on this planet and everything and everything in It matters, we are doomed to continue we are in our being

Do you have this year now, what is the direction of your humble life?

In your inner thoughts the answer must be revealed decisively and wonderfully. Design your progress with innovative ingenuity, all and sundry, with what your mind and boundless imagination can create and create in your own unique and inherent fashion. When you design with enthusiasm and clarity, you can make the mountains move!

Our planet is also designed with passion for unlimited, extraordinary and wonderful awe. “An example” you ask, I will give you some of them.

The Pyramids of Egypt, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, called the Pyramids of Egypt, to name a few.

Mountains, hills, daffodils; The breeze of the ocean, the freezing of Antarctica, are all magnificently designed: the beautiful planet, our planet: the earth according to what our infinite Creator has designed alone …

Planetary consciousness does not matter, or it is part of the revival journey of the 1960s! Oh no! This is so much more an opportunity to connect with each other globally and honorably to show how much you care about uniting on our wonderful planet and with all its inhabitants.

Earth Day may be celebrated for only one day in April, but if you ask the planet, it clearly shows that awareness of the Earth, care, attention and awareness of the health and condition of our planets are essential for our continued existence.

I enjoy learning from you and others who are constantly giving me knowledge!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune