One of the natural forms of the earth that rises from the rest of the land and reaches heights that can amaze us. Mountains are not usually used for agriculture because the climate and conditions are not the same, but they are mostly used for resource extraction. For adventurers, climbers, mountaineers and climbers, mountaineering is a fun activity that brings a sense of joy and success in their lives.

Guyana mountain range

Here are five mountain ranges in Guyana, South America (listed in alphabetical order):

1. Akarai mountains

Alternative name: Akara Mountains

Location: Southern Guyana

The Akarai Mountains are high and forested lowland mountains. This area is laterally along the common border between Guyana and Brazil. The Essequibo River (the longest river in Guyana) and the Courantyne River have their sources in this area.

2. Eastern Hill

Alternate Name: Roraima-Ilú Range

Location: Between the territory of Guayana Esequiba in Guyana, Venezuela and to some extent Brazil

East Tepuis stretches 60 km with a main peak called Uei-tepui.

3. Imataka Mountains

Alternate name: None

Location: Northwest Guyana and Northeast Venezuela

The area where the Imataka Mountains rise is very rich in forests, water and mineral resources such as iron and manganese.

4. Kanoko Mountains

Alternate name: None

Location: Upper Takoto Area – Upper Skibo

The name Kanoko in the Vapisha language means forest, which refers to the diversity of wildlife in this mountain range, which is about 3,000 feet high. The Eastern Kanoko Mountains and the Western Kanoko Mountains are divided by the Rupononi River. Prominent species that live in the land of the Kanoku Mountains include the giant otter, the harpy eagle and the arapima.

5. Pakaraima Mountains

Alternative name: Pakrima Mountains

Location: The southwestern part of Guyana shares borders with Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.

The Pacaraima Mountains stretch from west to east for more than 800 km, dividing the Orinoco Valley to the north and the Amazon Basin to the south. Its highest peak is Mount Roraima with a height of 2810 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Guyana. Many rivers originate from these mountains and fall dramatically as they flow down, forming some of the most beautiful waterfalls. Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is a stunning example.

Guyana is one of the best tourist destinations in South America.

Source by Ramesh A