Burns Mountain Dogs have historically been used as propulsion animals to push or pull carts due to their calm demeanor. Their size, strength, and cool temperament made them good candidates for this type of farm work as well as helping herdsmen. They work well outdoors with their long wavy fur coats and seem to prefer cooler climates. They are dogs of extraordinary strength and size, weighing up to 120 pounds and large dogs can reach up to 28 inches up to their shoulders.

Having this beautiful and good-natured dog as part of the family can be very appropriate because of their mood. These challenges occur because they require physical activity to maintain fitness but do not have the stamina of some smaller breed dogs. Also with their preference for colder weather, a fenced yard with an insulated dog house would be great. This allows them to be shaded in warmer areas to protect themselves from heat and protection from elements such as snow and rain when going out on a cold day. This gives them the space they need and the ability to get up and move at any time. Because they are prone to skeletal problems, an orthopedic mattress indoors can also relieve joint pressure.

Long and thick bronze coats insulate this great breed and, in turn, means a lot of care and shedding. Typical challenges to having a pet add up to پ 100, which may increase the need or desire to have them outdoors whenever conditions allow and they are comfortable. A large insulated dog house can give your pet comfort and you need peace of mind because you know your pets are safe and protected where they are happiest.

Source by Steven Barnhart