Feng Shui is not only about creating a positive flow and more harmony in your home life, but it can also be used to make a profit or increase your working life. In Feng Shui, job and opportunity is a life lesson shown by the north direction of the Bagua map. To activate this energy, you simply energize this corner of your room, home or workplace with the vibrant colors and elements of this area. Whether you work at home or outdoors, there are ways to achieve feng shui success and luck using the following guidelines and principles.

Occupational area

The northern part or occupational part of Bagua is governed by the element of water. In Feng Shui, just as water is produced by the metal element, we can also energize the region with the metal element. This means that any image, symbol, object, item, painting, photograph, as well as any water or metal attribute must be used to activate this area. Although both can be used as supplements, eventually the use of water in this particular area will be stronger. Consequently, any item represented by elements of wood, earth or fire will weaken the area and reciprocate your efforts to achieve feng shui success and chance.

Energize objects

One of the easiest ways to boost your living room or workplace energy is to place a small artificial waterfront or aquarium in the north. Do not magnify this too much, as such an overwhelming source of water energy can cause imbalance in the rest of your room, eventually leading to a feeling of drowning in the next negative energy, resulting in a bad job chance. Also, you should never have an aquarium or water feature in your bedroom as this can lead to theft or cheating.

When you want to get energy from the water element, it is important to visualize running water as opposed to still water. Stagnant water can lead to stagnation which is negative and worse than not having water. Aquariums with swimming fish, springs with running water or pumps in the water that create oxygen bubbles or continuous flow are ideal representations of the water element for feng shui career success.

If a water view in your office is not an option and you want to increase the occupational level of this room, you can always show a picture or a photo of a waterfall or river that is flowing, for example, to the north wall or designs. Put water in it. The decor of this direction alternately, anything that is black or blue also represents the element of water.

Metal items can also be used to generate energy in this area. Some examples of these include coins, wind chimes, magnets or bells.

Feng Shui in the office

Whether your office is at home or at work, you can use feng shui in the north corner of the room or cabin where you work for feng shui career success. Tables should be positioned so that the occupant has a direct view of the room entrance and all windows, ideally behind the wall. It is not good to face the window directly, as this can distract you, although natural room light is very helpful.

A round table or a table with rounded edges has more advantages than a square or rectangular table. If you have one of the last tables, the plants next to the table can balance with the poisoned beams that have been diverted from it. The desk should also be the right size and free of chaos. Keep the table surface tidy and keep your desk drawers tidy as this will create tension in your subconscious. Similar items and symbols that represent water or metal above can also be used in the north corner of your office to increase feng shui career success.

Source by Lin Mai