Here are some ideas that are unique to travelers and climbers.

1. A light and comfortable air conditioner .. It is difficult to carry air conditioners even for smaller ones. What if you could wear one around your waist? You can wear one and no longer worry about getting tired or aching from pulling around a heavy air conditioner. What a great idea!

2. Activity tracker. This is a lightweight wristband that can track your mileage, heart rate, calories and sleep.

3. Polar sunglasses. If you are exposed to strong sunlight and try to watch your footsteps at the foot of the mountain, you will probably need goggles. Protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays is very important and can make the walking experience easier.

4. A durable and reliable knife. You never know when you may need a knife to help you in difficult situations. Knives can be your best friend in the forest. It is a useful, reliable and essential tool for carrying when facing large elements outdoors.

5- Walking boots can make a good walk even a better walk. You need the right boots for safety, protection and comfort. If you blister, your whole adventure will be nothing but a bad memory.

For those of you who like to spend the night under the canopy of the stars and spend a few nights outdoors, here are some tips to help that adventure.

– Tent is essential for any body that frequently camps. There are many styles to choose from. Even the ones behind the truck bed. This takes you away from the rugged terrain.

Pacifiers are also a great option for sleeping on the floor. They are great for relaxing in the woods, reading a good book under a shade tree and forgetting about the world.

If your family or friends are climbing, you might want to consider these adventure gift ideas. Rock climbing can be a daunting task. Climbers have a strong desire to choose the type of equipment they use, which makes it a challenge for them to choose the right equipment. Here are some ideas:

– When the weather does not allow outdoor climbing, you can get a membership in an activity center with an indoor rock climbing wall. This way your mountaineer friend can climb whenever he wants.

Getting a carbine is always a great idea. Every climber needs a specialized type of ring or metal ring with a spring gate. They are used to quickly and reversibly connect items used when climbing.

I hope my suggestions help you find the right gift. If you are like me and finding the right gift is always frustrating and difficult, check out some of my ideas.

I feel that the items I have listed will be good gift ideas for any friend or family member who loves the outdoors.

Source by Sherri Burris