Mountain folding bikes are very popular today. For cyclists looking for a great outdoor adventure, they choose mountain bikes that are comfortable, convenient and practical to carry. On the other hand, there are some people who are looking for a means of transportation that allows them to travel without hassle. This is where folding mountain bikes come into play. With high demand, excellent models are offered for every taste. The HARO DX cycle in Korea gives you the features of a folding mountain bike that you will definitely want to try.

Samcholi is the founder of the HARO DX cycle, which is known as the most famous and largest bicycle manufacturer in Korea. They have been in the industry for almost 60 years. They are known for having a good reputation for making quality cycles in accordance with ISO9001. They also provided bicycles for the 1988 Olympics and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Despite the build quality, this model is more of a recreational bike than actually competing to get off the mountain. This is a great option for ordinary cyclists and travelers.

Folding mountain bikes use more riding position and frame size than regular and regular bikes. The design of the HARO DX folding mountain bike emphasizes the compactness of a bike as expected. It also does a clever 16-inch frame trick to achieve a small fold size with full-size wheels. Most tall cyclists, who usually prefer the traditional, very tall riding position, may add a little compression by placing a higher seat to make room for your long legs.

This bike is suitable for daily commuting and can be easily transported by car, bus, motor home, train and plane. There is no need for bicycle racks, as they can be easily carried and opened in seconds without the use of any tools using quick release levers. It can be folded up to 30x90x90 cm and there is no need to remove the wheels or other spare parts of the bike. These bikes have a carrying case. It has a long zipper on three sides with a carrying handle that can be carried to your shoulder. It may be a little expensive but the quality is well worth it. This bag with a water-resistant inner cover is very heavy. The generous three-way zipper allows for excellent opening for easy loading. It has a simple “square” design that not only makes the bag versatile, but also provides a large space for storing helmets and other items.

A wide range of Harrow bikes are offered in different models and designs. There are many models to choose from at different prices. Some of these models are sold at a discounted rate which is a great deal in your favor.

Source by Cassaundra Flores