The mountain bike frame is the basis for the strength, weight and overall appearance of the bike. That’s why when buying new mountain bikes, most cycling professionals and enthusiasts check the frames instead of giving it a casual or superficial look. Although it may look like a normal observer, each frame has different sizes, symmetries and materials designed for the specific body structure of the cyclist riding it.

Most mountain bike frames on the market today are usually made of aluminum steel. This creates a solid yet lightweight structure and makes maneuvering easier for cycling enthusiasts. Although there are still frames made of galvanized iron or steel, they are rapidly disappearing and will be replaced by aluminum and some lighter materials such as titanium.

Naturally, if you are a cyclist, you will undoubtedly always prefer the lightest materials to build your frame. This is where the ultra-lightweight metal is called titanium. Titanium bike frames are almost weightless, but at the same time strong enough to withstand the rigors of cycling. The only problem with titanium at the moment is its very high cost, which only a small number of cyclists can afford. This is why most cycling enthusiasts still prefer their bikes to have aluminum frames because they are so affordable. Although they may not be as light as titanium frames, aluminum frames work very well on a variety of tracks.

Another point to consider is the size of the frame. Keep in mind that mountain bike frames come in a variety of sizes to match the height and body of the rider on the bike. The frame size of a mountain bike is usually determined by measuring the width of the frame from the center of the base bracket to the top of the top tube.

Getting the right frame for your bike is important because it can affect the way your bike moves. Remember that all frame sizes are influenced by the unique body structure of the rider who rides it, which is why you should choose a mountain bike frame with a size that fits your body.

Once you have determined the weight and size of the mountain bike frame that you think is right for your body structure, you can now embark on the exciting journey you are eager to take.

Source by Suzie Sanchez