So you love mountain biking and want to run a racing event. Not sure where to start or what to look for? The following is information on how to organize and promote a mountain biking event. This will help you get started and consider some tasks. Here’s what you need to think about.

1. Choose a place to race.

2. Obtain a license to race at your desired location. You may contact the landowner, local government or police. Oral confirmation for participating in the competition may be specified on the spot, but it is best to receive it in writing.

3. Consider the contest:

Race track

Distance or length of the race

Decide on the racing categories you offer.

Schedule the start time of each group? Faster riders usually start before slower riders. Do you need on-site medical support on race day?

4. Try to get your sponsors to help you keep your expenses down and be prepared to offer something to the sponsors in return. For example, you can put their logo on brochures, banners, or on websites, etc.

5. Prepare a race form and distribute it to bike shops, schools and send it by email. Also place it on classified mountain bike sites. Make sure the brochure includes the following:

Event locations and routes

Categories and race distance

Award list

Admission fee

Last possible time to register


Any special notes

6. Consider other things:

How many volunteers do you need?

Order match number

Order trophies

Get water, Gatorad, food

Order start / end or banner marketing

Collaborate with law enforcement if necessary

Make a press release 30 days in advance

Book the extra equipment you need – tables, awnings, PA system and so on.

7. Prepare a to-do list and train your volunteers. The more you connect with your volunteers, the more organized your competition event will be. You can not do it yourself.

Keep calm on race day and know what to do. Everyone is there for fun, so enjoy your day. when Mountain biking race Do not forget the walk and make sure there is no garbage on the way.

Source by JJ Servant