One of the most stressful things about mountain biking is the process of buying one. With so much variety in the market, you can easily get confused when trying to figure out if you are looking for a bike. This does not help when most of them seem expensive and makes you think do you really want to spend that much? Is that price good enough for its quality? These questions can be frustrating and stressful when it comes to buying a bike, so I hope this quick guide can help you figure out what kind of bike is right for you.

Determining the budget

One of the first things you need to do is find out how much you really want to spend on your bike. Most people are novices at this stage and some may want something cheap and reliable to learn the basics and find out if this is right for them. Others may want to talk about something amazing to make sure it lasts for a while and gives them the function they want.

You need to set your price range, there are many bikes in the bracket you want, but if you set a budget for yourself, you will be sure to avoid too much.

Riding style

There are different types of bikes for different mountain biking activities. For example, there are cross country and downhill bikes.

As a beginner, they tend to move more to cross country, as these types can be used for a variety of other types as well as being found cheaply. This type of style rides up and down and on different terrains, which makes it a great choice for beginners.

Other types, such as downhill, are expensive because they must be strong and heavy and suspended for times when you are speeding downhill. These are usually used by people who have been mountain biking for a while and may even customize them.

Suspension options

There are different suspension systems, all of which depend on the type of bike you are looking for. There are two options: full suspension and hard tail suspension. Each of these is great and has its own benefits.

The complete suspension system gives more control to the bike and makes it more comfortable when moving in different areas because it can absorb a lot of the shock that your bike suffers.

The hard tail suspension is lightweight and is just in front of the bike. It absorbs the impact you may encounter and also allows you to pedal better.

Enter the sale

There are sales throughout the year and you may be lucky to find that your local dealer is selling some of your bikes. This is something to keep in mind, you will usually see sales in the fall and winter months because these are the times when people usually do not go out and spring and summer are the main shopping seasons when new bikes are more common. So getting rid of old stocks is necessary. If you can wait for such situations, you may be able to arrange a deal for yourself.


Just like when you buy a little research before, it’s always great, open your search engine and review the opinions of people who always thought this was a great way to find out if you wanted to buy it. Do it or not.

There are other things to consider, but keep these in mind when buying a new bike as they may be much needed.

Source by James Pswarai