Mountains are a place where sages go for meditation, get away from the mystery of everyday life, create higher altitudes, cleaner air as well as rugged terrain, fun life and great vacations. The cabins, which are located in the forest and are made of natural wood, are very beautiful and earthy. Holistic life and attention to nature, we can not take anything for granted and we must respect the resources of Mother Earth. Trees and forests are sacred, and rivers and streams nurture the earth. Bringing a comprehensive approach to life is very important because it is done for two purposes. We take the earth and he, in turn, takes care of us.

Antique doors and elements of the old world that have been rescued from old mansions and architectural structures are handcrafted with brilliant details by artists considering energy balance. The inlay is inspired by nature, and the metals used are iron and brass, which not only strengthens the wood, but is also earthy and terrestrial. We are surrounded by an electromagnetic charge that dramatically changes the behavior and dynamics of our cell, and the only way we can keep ourselves steady is to use these ground-connection techniques. We have to discharge the ions made in us using a table in the old one. With rice, iron, copper as an office desk, we create a more balanced environment for ourselves.

The rafters are matched with comprehensive carvings, handmade from recovered wood, as well as Buddha shaved caps in colors with your chakras. The lush, lush trees that turn bright orange in the fall remind us of the constant change and transformation of the earth, and so we have to recharge is a normal routine. My mountain cabin is simple and rustic, using old wooden doors and armor that I have turned into wine cellars. Peacock brass armor or wardrobe engraved with chakras in their patina are stunning and such pieces are dynamic.

The carved paintings on the porch adorn the porch, and the sunlight plays with the patterns that emerge from it. Early sunrise is quite different from sunset. The carved gray flower buffet acts as my media box, and I surround it with plants and foliage, bringing energy healing.

The rafters carved into the tree of life and the columns of the three-arched porch remind me of old Howley, inspired by Mediterranean architecture. Comprehensive design and mindfulness is a necessity in designing your home or leisure cabin.

Source by Era Chandok