There is one common cause that affects and exacerbates (and sometimes even causes) hemorrhoids more than people with hemorrhoids think. What’s worse is that it is completely under the radar.

Remember that a hemorrhoid or a candle is basically an inflamed rectal vein wall that has ruptured due to some force and some factors have intensified it so it does not heal properly. Over time, it simply gets bigger, more painful and even itchy.

Our biggest contributor to this could be something as simple as STRESS!

Stress raises our blood pressure throughout the day. This can put more pressure on the walls of the arteries, especially if we are sitting at work, for example. It happens that a lot of pressure is circulating in that area.

Even worse, stress can lead to real dehydration. This in itself dries out your stool and puts pressure on it. It also thickens the blood and creates a constant cycle of force for your hemorrhoids. The end result is simply not good.

I have some tips for people everywhere to reduce stress for this purpose.

The first is to meditate on nothing for 5 minutes daily with pure thought. Try it in the morning and you will love the feeling. Focus on the vastness of the world. Notice how small your problems are compared to that. It calms you down despite the outside world.

The second aspect is to take a break from work every few days, try something new, or go on a new short vacation if possible. This reduces a lot of stress in the body and mind. Now, there are some very scientific facts behind why doing a new activity can help reduce your stress levels so quickly, so give it a try. For example, use rock climbing or learning a new language in the afternoon. Increasing the focus of the mind can work wonders.

Source by Holly Hayden