Do you know what urology means? Let me give you a clue; To study the top ten, you should go to the South Asian region of the world. Do you need another clue? Prior to 1852, this one was unknown and ranked 10th. Did you know without a clue? You are an intellectual brain! (I know, it’s not a word, but I like it.) I had no clue.

Taken directly from Webster: urology (?), N [Gr. ‘oros mountain + -logy: cf. F. orologie.] Science or description of mountains.

Urology is the study of mountains, and yes, the top ten mountains in South Asia. Mount Everest was not known in the world until 1852. A large Indian trigonometric survey in 1852 found that Mount Everest was the tallest peak in the world and was measured by Radanat Sikdar, a Bengali mathematician and surveyor. Since then, climbing to the top of the “roof of the world” has become a dream for climbers. Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai suggested that the mountain should be named after Radanat Sikdar. Attempts to climb Mount Everest did not begin until 1921. That year, Tibet opened its borders.

Mountains have always been feared and respected by mankind. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the abode of the gods. Still, in many of the world’s religions, mountains are sacred places.

Hold your breath, the top ten mountains in the world are:

1. Mount Everest is located in Nepal / Tibet and is 29,029 feet high. “By the end of the 2006 climb season, 3,050 climbs had been climbed by 2,062 people, and 203 on the mountain.” -Wikipedia

2. The K-2 is located in Pakistan and is 28,251 feet high. Did you see the vertical restraint movie? I really enjoyed it. Climber Chris O’Donnell scales the K-2 in search of his sister.

3. Kangchenjunga is located in Nepal / India. It is a combination of five peaks. Its name literally means “five snow treasures”. Its highest peak is 28,169 feet.

Lutse is located in Nepal. This mountain is 27,940 feet. It is connected to Everest from the south and some people mistakenly call it the southern peak of Everest.

Makalu is located in Nepal / Tibet. It is 27765 feet high and is in the shape of a four-sided pyramid that makes climbing very difficult. The ascent was made by Lionel Trey and Jean Cozy in their second attempt.

Chu Oyo is located in Nepal / Tibet. The height of this mountain is 26,906. Its name in Tibetan means “turquoise goddess”.

7. Dhaulagiri means “White Mountain” and is located in Nepal. It is 26,794 feet high and was thought to be the tallest mountain in the world for 30 years.

Manaslu is located in Nepal. “Mountain of Spirit” is 26,758 feet high.

9. Nanga Parbat is located in Pakistan. The mountain is 26,658 feet high. Also known as Diamir. In Hindi, “Nanga Parbat” means “naked mountain”.

10. Annapurna is a Sanskrit word meaning “goddess of harvest”. The country is located in Nepal. The complex has six peaks, the highest of which is 26,545 feet.

If you already knew what urology meant, you might find out more about the top ten mountains in the world that you did not know. And for the rest of us who were unaware of the meaning of urology, we now know. For those who want to know more about urology but do not know who to ask, I recommend Wikipedia!

2007 by Avis Ward

Source by Avis Ward