Life is all about how you live. One of the best ways to live is to live on the margins, where you do not know what will happen to you in the future. This is an adventure. If you have missed this stimulus in your life, go on an adventure tour to India and experience the thrill as well as the thrills of this adventurous journey.

Adventure tour to India

In India, you can choose white water river boating, wildlife safaris, cycling, hiking and hiking in some of the world’s toughest lands and so on. See what your endurance does and best suits your physical condition. Another important adventure is climbing the peak that can be done in the Himalayas under the supervision of expert climbers. This requires physical fitness along with some basic features of an adventurer.

To find out the exact location of the adventure, perseverance, endurance, etc., make one of the following trips:


At Garhwal of Uttarakhand, you have various options for mountains of different heights where you can test your hands and skills. Kamet, Kedardome, Kalanka, Hathi Parvat, Meru, Nanda Ghunti, Satopanth, Chaukhamba IIM, Bhagirathi, Shivling and Changaba are the main peaks used for mountaineering fun. Dare and you will win forever for the quote.


Ladakh is located in the northern part of India. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, if you plan to take part in it, it is an inevitable place for the adventure of climbing the peak. In a multi-day adventure, when you decide to climb each of them, you have these names on your list to consider Nun, Ken, Sasser Kongri and Momustang.


Nepal is certainly not under the control of the Indian government, but sharing borders requires adventure that can be explored in valleys, rivers and lands. As far as the peaks are concerned, we can climb the western peak of Chulu, the peak of Yala, the passages and peaks of Upper Everest, the peak of the island, the peak of Mera and the peak of Lobocheh east.


In Sikkim, Pandim Mountain (6691 mts), Thingchinkhang Mountain (5603 mts) and Jopunu Mountain (6010 m) can be the best mountaineering adventures you can experience on an India adventure tour. There are several other choices from western and northern Sikkim, part of what has already been mentioned. Go for your type


In Himachal Pradesh, you have the opportunity to conquer peaks such as Bahali Jut, Dio Tiba, Dovachan, Hanuman Tiba – I & II, Indra Sun, Kharcha Parabat, Mentosa, Papsura, Tent Peak and White Sail (Daramsura).

If you are looking for a lot of fun, sports, adventure and nature, you will surely come to any place whose list is collected only for your account. Happy sweat!

Source by Peter Goorts