Whistler Blackcomb combines two of the best ski mountains in the world in one place, but to get to the new Gondola Peak you have to climb from one mountain to another and then climb another lift. It’s obviously a waste of valuable skiing time, so most skiers opt for that day. So that made me wonder which one to choose.

Unfortunately, my days in both mountains are relatively limited, so I turned to a few friends who have both spent a few seasons at Whistler Blackcomb to see which one they prefer.

My friend John spent two seasons at Whistler, and at the residence of Blackcom and Sylvia staff, he spent four seasons at Whistler, preferring Whistler.

Case for BlackcombMountain

John – “Both mountains are great so it’s a difficult choice. I probably skied most of Blackcom because I lived on the other side of the village, but both mountains have their advantages depending on your circumstances and preference for land.

To fully understand their differences, you must go back to their history. Whistler was created in the 1960s and performed wherever they saw a great opportunity to run. So Whistler has a more pioneering spirit designed by skiers for skiers.

Blackcomb, on the other hand, is purposefully designed and designed on a computer screen, so jogging and lifting are much better connected, making it ideal for skiers looking for a lot of walking and hiking.

On a powdery day, the choice is tough, but if the weather is cold and sunny, 7th Heaven on Blackcomb only offers the South Whistler Blackcomb bowl, which gets more sun to soften the skin.

Intermediate skiers or travelers can head to the glacier, which is only available at Blackcomb for super powder skiing, where fresh trails can be found even hours a day.

For lovers of hard land parks, Blackcomb also has the largest semi-tubular and terrestrial park.

For Kids, the heart of Blackcomb’s Adventure Center with its magical castle, tunnels and kid-friendly benches spins through the trees. Blackcomb is also home to a ski and tube ski park.

A case for Whistler

Sylvia – “After 3 seasons of living and working with the locals, I wanted to ski where the locals preferred, and for most of my friends it was a Whistler.

Whistler generally has more challenging terrain, including a terrifying 50-foot jump called Air Jordan. The rear bowls on the Whistler offer plenty of extensive off-piste skiing. And as runners cut by skiers, they tend to offer better fall lanes and challenges.

I especially like the ski trees, and while both mountains have excellent tree skiing, there is no comparison to the Whistler Peak chair.

In the spring when the snow softens, Whistler tends to hold the snow better, so Whistler is often a better option late in the season. “

Whistler vs. Blackcom

So it’s not very definite because both Whistler and Blackcomb are amazing mountains and have enough land and challenges to maintain any level of skier or snowboard in the blissful snow holiday – I guess it all comes down to your preferences and circumstances. The day depends.

Fortunately, with the Peak to Peak cable car, choosing a mountain to ski on is a little easier!

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Source by Kenn Christie