With many reminders of reincarnation and a return to new life, many things came to me that were worth relating to. The first is that I know that heaven and hell do not exist and that there is only one spiritual Creator. This means that no devil, angel or saint and certainly no prophet reigns there as king and favors his followers.

The soul has no structure, no need for business, and no visible presence, yet it can be felt and directly connected to it. It does not support man-made power or religious lies, and it has presented its program to the world in ancient prophecies. These are mostly found in the Old Testament, which have remained almost intact.

Intermittent divine figures have risen from the worship of the sun because people have gone to the mountains to see the sun’s rays in different colors. This was due to the intelligence of the magic and the extraordinary power. Such power must be a god and worship it as God the mother began. She was called “Ma Ray” or “Powerful Mother Eye” and this is “Mary” for the Catholic proclaimed “Mother of God”.

Such a phenomenon still exists in countries such as Japan and India, where very high mountains are climbed by worshipers. Tibet and Nepal grew on its peaks due to sun worship, and Jerusalem is a city at the top of the mountain. The seven colors of the rainbow put cities on seven mountains like Rome.

At the top of the mountains, religions developed, which in turn are called “mountains” in prophecy. In fact, they are called “dark mountains” and the spirit has strongly warned about them. But it was said there that in the last days the “Mountain of God” would be established on top of the mountains. This means that it will take precedence over them.

Source by Norma Holt