Songs, like poetry, are often meaningful, but many are difficult to understand. Rise By Miley Cyrus, it is not difficult to understand and has the beauty of a simple yet powerful message of life.

Mountains are similar for a variety of theological, philosophical, and practical lessons. Jesus himself uses the image of the mountains shown in the Bible more than once. that in RiseA mountain is a challenge or a task or a relationship that lies ahead of us.

The temptation we sometimes have in life is that we seek it Next Mountain without truth Enjoying Current

However, the best life is the current ascent, not the next ascent, or the ascent afterwards. Although there is absolutely no problem in waiting for things – I mean there is a basis for hope, right there!

However, focusing on the current mountain means that there is more energy and focus on climbing other mountains at the same time. This means increasing our capacity to meet life’s demands, because life is often not linear – we are sometimes asked to do several things at once. How do we want to do them all, And Do them well? We enjoy them – every time we climb – this is how it is.

Meeting many of the different contacts in our lives — whether family, work, or other — is often difficult, but enjoying every climb is key.

Scene in Bruce Almighty (2003) Where Bruce (Jim Carrey) can not meet the demands of prayer, because his work as God (between 51 and Main) really increases? We also sometimes feel the pressure of work. Also with complete trust in God to be faithful to us extra energy, capacity and passion, so that we can strive to satisfy desires, we also Reap Now

And this is only when we look far ahead Next It ascends as we lose the moment of momentum and the possible joy that is being captured. It does not matter how fast we get there. And it certainly is not about what is on the other side. It is the climb itself that is the key to happiness and success and positive and inspiring interactions with people.

And the best thing about all this “current awareness” advertising is its growing experience. The more we work, the more time we prepare to teach it, and the more we appreciate the minutes and seconds that are with us, the more God enters! This is the only other way for him to fill us with wings (and more).

for us, Rise It inspires life, not a hard and disgusting task that destroys our happiness. Of course, there are times when we struggle to be happy with everything we do. The humble acceptance of simple facts in this situation is the only thing that can be hoped for. As the saying goes, “Life is like that.”

Do not underestimate the power of the message in this song, RiseListen to it and consider its bitter and at the same time soothing truth. Do not lose your faith.

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Source by Steve Wickham