Are you a coffee drinker? If so, you have probably heard of a combination of the Jamaican Mountains and the High Mountains. Have you ever wondered what the difference is other than the name? In fact, there is a significant difference, one is a big difference in the taste and quality of beans grown in these areas.

Knowing which one to buy is very important if you prefer a particular flavor, regardless of whether you are an avid drinker or not. It should also be noted that beans produced in the mountains of Jamaica have a certification mark that is world-renowned, primarily due to the great popularity of products produced in this country.

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board is responsible for determining and ultimately labeling these beans as a “Blue Mountain” or “High Mountain” blend. Either way, they are both bold and delicious, which is why they are imported in large quantities to countries around the world. Here is some helpful information to understand the differences between each.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Mix

As you can probably imagine, Blue Mountain coffee beans are grown and harvested in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Located between Kingston in the south and Port Antonio in the north, the widest and highest point of the mountain range is approximately 7,500 feet. Their size has made these mountains the highest peaks in the Caribbean. However, coffee bean growers do not plant their crops to this extent, as they tend to cling to heights between 4000-5000 feet. The soil here is very fertile and the air is crisp. In addition, the area receives a significant amount of rainfall annually, which is ideal for planting. The result is a cup of delicious coffee with a mild taste that has no bitter taste.

Jamaican Mountain Coffee

The term “tall mountain coffee” is actually a bit misleading, because the seeds in this classification are actually planted at a lower height than their counterparts. The range is about 1500 to 3000 feet. Due to the higher altitude climate suitable for growth, High Mountain coffee beans have a remarkable bitter taste. However, these mixtures are still very popular due to their mild and sweet taste. So, if you want to buy delicious coffee and be affordable, this option may be better than Blue Mountain products.

Coffee is one of Jamaica’s most important exports, and for good reason. The delicious ingredients they produce are among the best. If you are interested in High or Blue Mountain varieties, make sure that the company you are buying from has reputable bags that have been approved by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

Source by J. Martinez