There is an old saying, “If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” It has always been used in the sense that if you can not go your own way, you have to change your way to achieve what you want. And whenever I thought of an immovable mountain, I always thought of Mount Everest, because climbers always say things like, “It was there, so I climbed it.”

Climbers now have to find something else to replace this concept, as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal on April 25, which killed 8,000 people and injured tens of thousands, moved Mount Everest 1.2 inches.

It initially moved northeast at 1.6 inches, and the April 25 earthquake shifted 1.2 inches southwest.

With avalanches hitting the mountain and losing a number of climbers, climbing is more unsafe than ever.

Now, with a 1.6-inch-high mountain moving in the direction of Mount Everest, it is not uncommon to think that a person can reach the top of the mountain and be caught in an avalanche when it falls.

Personally, I think anyone who does strenuous exercise has a few loaves of bread. Does anyone really care if you climbed the highest mountain or did BASE Jumping or ice climbing? Does anyone remember that you did white boating, white water racing or rock jumping?

Of course, if you die doing one of these things, your loved ones will have to tell everyone that you died in the work you loved. They may even feel obligated to tell people that the bus may be crossing the street, but at least you have died doing what you love.

I know that plane crashes and car crashes always happen. I know there are drunk drivers on the road who may attack you, no matter how safe you drive or walk. I also know that driving shootings take place and you can be one of these victims, but I would rather use my chance with one of the things that cause my death than deliberately put myself in danger of exercising. I put intense.

Therefore, if the mountain does not reach Muhammad, let Muhammad stay where he is and find a different way to achieve his desire, because he may be caught in that avalanche when his mountain moves.

Source by Connie H Deutsch