In the western part of Uganda lies an amazing historical geographical feature, and this is nothing but a mountain of psychosis. It is one of the greatest features of Ugandan nature that separates Uganda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo “commonly known as the Congo” on the west wing and has lived in prehistoric times since ancient times. It characterizes the beauty and beauty of this country. Known as the “Pearl of Africa”.

When the early explorers were informed of a mountain with snow on top of it, they set it aside as pure nonsense, but history has fascinated them! Thousands of climbers have made their way to the summit of Margherita, where it always snows like the polar regions of the world. Climbing the peak is a feat in itself, crossing a dangerous area of ​​numerous ecosystems that runs from the dense Montana forest to the snow-capped peaks. Along the way, you will see unique plants, glacier rivers and amazing features. Gorgeous! This is like a summary of the earth, and this is what attracted celebrities to psychoanalysis, one of them, the Italian Duke Abruzzi, took a picture in 1906 and wrote a book that was supposed to make Ransouris world famous.

But Rwenzoris does not have to be famous because it is the third highest mountain in Africa! In the lower hills there is a large expanse of natural rainforests with chimpanzees, monkeys and baboons. There are also different types of birds, this place is a good destination for bird watching, tracking chimpanzees and walking in the community.

Source by Mark Kikune