At that time, Conrad Anker, Jimmy China and Alex Hanold went to Antarctica

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If you think that “Conrad Anker, Jimmy China, Alex Hannold, Syd Wright, Savannah Cummins and Anna Paphof are flying to Antarctica,” is the beginning of a joke – something about torturing the world’s greatest climbers with the least of the world. Climbing from a friendly landscape – but you are wrong about Antarctica, which erupts with stunning walls and stone minarets, and you are wrong about this joke. This is actually the default of Wright’s 2019 short film “Queen Mood” Land, ”which follows the A-list crew as they search for new routes and the first ascent of the Wolf Jaws, a thousand miles from Antarctica.

With teamwork, they check out amazing climbs. The main focus of the trip is the new Anchor-China route, which Olutana Peak has named the 9,600-foot Fang as the Matterhorn. Meanwhile, Hanold and Wright go through 13 different pitches during the two-week trip, while Pfaff introduces Cummins to the 8700-foot Holtana ascent.

Despite the crew’s collective resume – regardless of location and prohibition – the “Queen of Madland” is not the risky one to find meaning in life on the brink of death. An experience you may have with the Ankers, Chins and Honnolds of the world. This is because it’s so much of a Wright movie, and Wright comes in handy in situations that cause most of us to tear up our pants.

Instead, it’s almost like a long weekend with your friends, if your friends are the best climbers of their generation. The climbs are spectacular, but the real strength of the film is the way each team exhibits relationships and dynamism. At this point, Hanold’s traits are internationally known, but the rest of the climbers prove that a special kind character is needed to excel in mountaineering – whether on your local cliff or on the icy floor.

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