13 September 2021

Elbrus Summit 2021!  (Sasha Sak)

Elbrus Summit 2021! (Sasha Sak)

Getting ready to go to the summit (Sasha Sak)

Getting ready to go to the summit (Sasha Sak)

IMG Senior Guide Sasha Sak attended last night and again this morning. Last night, Sasha reported that “the snow had stopped, it was very clear at night but it was quite windy. We are getting ready and going out to check the climbing conditions.” moved. It was a great program and the team climbed in great shape! Everything went according to plan and the team had the necessary equipment to reach the top of Mount Elbrus!

They have now returned to the hut and will spend another night before returning to Terskol in the morning. What will they do to celebrate their ascent to Mount Elbrus? Well, of course, they visit a Russian-style sauna and then go to Moscow for more visits and celebrations!

Crossing Traverse in Albrus (Sasha Sak)
Climb to Burrus (Sasha Sak)

Everything is fine and congratulations to our Elbrus 2021 team! Join IMG next summer البروس!

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