Boulder and surrounding areas literally have thousands of rocky trails. From the Dream Canyon (II, 5.14-) to the straight-faced Flatiron I (II, 5.6), there is an incredible range of offers … where does it even start? In this article, we recommend climbing at any level from 5.6 to 5.12 that you may not have heard of. Recommendations are based on quality and should not be selected as the routes that are necessarily the best protected climbs.

A climber follows the March Dimes in the El Dorado Valley


Western Chimney to Icarus, El Dorado Valley (4-5 Earth, 5.6R)

Two “near ground” shorter than 5.6 through the western chimney (and yes, this is a real chimney) take climbers to a striking ground at the base of Icarus. The three Icarus playgrounds are fun, enjoyable and the last is the Yellow Spur – an incredible arena above the canyon level. Climbers should be sure to climb 5.6 with poor protection (hence the final stage of the “R” rating).

A climber enjoys the latest playground in Icarus

North Face Center, Boulder Canyon (2-3 floors, 5.7+)

This shady climb is very suitable for hot summer days because it faces north. Use a Tyrolean recreation trail across Boulder Creek to clear granite cliffs for 2-3 acres depending on how you get out of it. Landing is a short and friendly walk.

Gambit, El Dorado Valley (4 Lands, 5.8)

Gambit offers a variety of mountaineering styles for 4 terrain higher than Shirttail Peak – the highest point in the El Dorado Valley. In fact, it takes more walking than other routes in the Dorado Valley, but 45 minutes is worth the high-quality climb.

Climber in the last moves of Gambit, Dorado Valley


Greenspore, Dorado Valley (4-5, 5.9)

Yellow spores get a lot of attention, and rightly so, but the green cat is also a high-quality classic and rarely has a similar population.

Outer Space, Eldorado Canyon (4 Earth, 5.10)

This undisputed classic protects modern business equipment very well and should not be missed for professional leaders 5.10. Start for two lanes from the Bastille, before climbing directly to two steep climbs on a wild runway.

Outerspace Party, Eldorado Canyon.

Vertigo, Dorado Valley (4 Earth, 5.11b)

This well-preserved ascent offers a classic ascent in the El Dorado Valley with a beautiful church and a prominent roof that offers unparalleled exposure.

Thunderdome, Boulder Canyon (1 Land, 5.12-)
This monotonous classic offers high quality granite with high equipment and is essential for first class.

One final recommendation!
Hands of Destiny, Boulder Canyon (2 Lands, 5.12+)

This gem first climbed on ordinary gadgets and then as a retro climb and is very popular today for people who climb in the classroom.

This list is the tip of the iceberg – there are so many ways to climb in a lifetime!

A climber enjoys the mediocre peak of Wind Ridge, the Dorado Valley.

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