Dark Peak They are a small British brand based on the fringe (surprise) of the summit area. At present, they produce a single product in two types of low-cut and synthetic coats for both men and women. We tested the low NESSH, which appears for a variety of reasons among a large number of low-light belt / action jackets. One is the ethical business model Dark Peak and the other is the design philosophy between them Down And artificial models, each of which is a mirror copy of the other and only the type of filling is different. For our southern readers, however, “nesh” is a northern dialect word commonly used for someone who feels a little cold (soft), so NESSH may be their ideal companion.

Nesh is a great coat for between problems or delays

Start with the Dark Peak business model. We are accustomed to outside companies using ethical business practices properly, and these are usually focused on the environment, mitigating the negative effects of production, and ensuring a fair / ethical manufacturing business that protects workers and communities. They produce our lovely, have a good deal. Unused in the outside world (as far as I know) Dark Peak focuses on social responsibility in the countries that market its products. Dark Peak Oath – Commitment For every jacket sold, they donate a warm winter coat to a homeless charity. They do not look like Nessh, but they are an “unknown” dark synthetic padding jacket that can withstand the hardships of someone who lives on the streets and does not brand, steal or try to resell – more From what is something. However, like Ness personally, this concept is more appealing than a commitment to donate x percent of the profits (not that I was in a hurry to add it) because it is so simple and you can easily make your purchase with practical help. Think of a homeless person as equal. As a gear reference I have to admit that I cheat a bit at this point because the jacket I am reviewing is provided by Dark Peak for free, but I hope this review will encourage people to look for Ness when looking for a light belay jacket. Consider. to the

To the design and function of the jacket itself. Obviously, if the jacket is not scratched, no matter how good your ethical business model is, you are unlikely to sell many coats. NESSH is in serious competition with the likes of Rab, Patagonia, Arcteryx, etc. in the lightweight markets for lightweight eccentric jackets, but it is fair to say that in terms of performance, quality and style, it certainly retains itself. Very competitive price Fill wise Peak Dark Peak Use 850 fill responsibly and my small size according to their shape is 134.7 grams from the bottom (low volume / weight varies depending on the size of the jacket. The face fabric has DWR cover which Disappears) Take a shower for a few minutes, but it snows well so that the jacket does not get wet.

Ness sewing is great and no matter the price, like any insulated jacket on the market it is good. This is an active / sporty piece and is not a boxed long coat for the Scottish winter invasion, it fits in very light middle layers but is not designed entirely on gnarl. The advantage is the fast and light days in the mountains and as a warm layer between the red dots or problems in the bouldering circuit. It also makes a great jacket for dry rocky trails. In terms of features, Nesh has a convenient cut with smart channels that facilitates ease of movement while maintaining fitness – you can climb up the Nessh happily when warmed up and is considerably stronger But beware of sharp stones! You will receive a total of five pockets. Two zipped hand warmers, one zippered inside pocket (suitable for phone / wallet / key) and two inside pockets (good for back gloves). The warm pocket of the left hand can be turned upside down to put the jacket inside and has a loop to close it to restrain you, but I even found this problem in my living room and it is impossible right on the hill with a slightly damp coat. . My personal preference is always a sack and a bit “generous”, so you can easily fill things while hanging on a ring and so on. I have an ultra-small 4 liter Alpkit dry bag that grips NESSH easily and can be compressed. Very small with extra bonus to protect the jacket from rain or drinks spilled on your bag!

The hood fits snugly over the helmet but fits snugly over the bare head, which is amazing for a lightweight jacket like this and somewhat rare. Other bracelets are of the wristie type, which create a small glove for your hand, tighten in the heat and provide a little extra insulation. These work great in most cases, but do not try to pass a gloved hand over them in the winter mountaineering scenario!

Wrist bracelets are a beautiful touch

In use
I use Ness, which hangs around the bouldering during the winter, and I use winter jogging as a “useful” jacket when moving in and out of the van. NESSH, like all down jackets, is vulnerable to moisture, so a little extra care is needed in the humid UK climate! The dry bag I use for storage is one side of it, but since NESSH is so convenient, it can be worn under waterproof without much hassle, although you get very hot on the go! I can really wear it under my Rab Rab which is waterproof. As always, we never recommend a down jacket for winter use in Scotland, because the constant inside and outside of the package in wet conditions only drowns them (even those in my experience who are hydrophobic). However, as a warm layer or sweatshirt in dry conditions, with a little care, you get unparalleled density and heat for your weight. NESSH is great for hill-climbing, bouldering, and as a “stop warmer” on warmer hikes, I even backed it up on higher mountains because I know I can water it for a long time. Keep in the dry. Because I do not turn it off too much. Ness strikes a reasonable balance between being handsome and light but with a fabric on the face that can wear slightly against rocks and vegetation, so you don’t have to overuse it.


  • Excellent cut and design
  • Significant balance between weight and strength
  • Excellent heat to weight ratio
  • Lightweight / compact


  • It is difficult to stick to the pocket
  • Common weaknesses are low when wet

SRP 5 175

Shareholder Dark Peak

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