As summer pressures mount, the climbers continue to climb the Emmons Winthrop Trail.

The ice glacier has almost skeletal ice and its cracks are obvious and numerous. If you want to go this way, use crampons, ice axes and ice screws. Another option is Mount Ruth, there is a good mountaineering route that takes the southern ridge from the glacier basin. Follow the climbers route from the ridge to the Steamboat Prow route. Finding a route through the glacier basin is not clear, so before planning to use this route, talk to the rangers at White River for more information. There is forced water crossing in the glacier basin, so extra socks and shoes are a good idea when using Mount Ruth.

Glaciers on both sides of the Schurman camp have been reduced, reducing access to the Emmons. From Curtis Camp a moat passes through Emmons. Some mountaineering parties prefer to use the Steamboat Prow to access the camp. Climbers are faced with either rock and sloping terrain with either option.

Climbers from Camp Schurman to Emmons Flats will experience broken glacial ice. The passage from the apartments to the hallway is still covered in snow and relatively straight. Climbers can still find camping options in their apartments. The corridor, up to 11,000 inches, is a combination of snow and ice with gaps still hidden under thin bridges of snow.

From the top of the corridor, the path goes to the left of a large ice and past the climbers and to the alpine meadow of about 12,000. This route continues from the back climbers to the Wintrop shoulder. From the shoulder area, climbers can shoot up to 13,200 times. At this stage, climbers can go left or right. Moving left allows climbers to navigate the wide open terrain that eventually connects to the DC route. Moving to the right, climbers encounter broken sloping snow bridges before reaching about 13,800 burgers. Walking the barge towards the climbers leads to a low angle to the ground, which leads to the edge of the crater.

Climbing Imun is a real mountaineering adventure and requires finding your way and relying on yourself. Another round of high pressure and freezing levels of 15,000 degrees is forecast for next week. Conditions are always changing, and finding your way down the mountain may be different from the way you went up. Get ready for the unexpected and abundant loneliness of the desert.

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