This year, the Bozeman Ice Festival was held from November 8 to 11. The festival celebrated its twentieth anniversary and was essentially a four-day party. Located at the mouth of the famous Hyalite Valley, Bozeman offers easy access to spectacular icy cliffs. Hundreds of festival goers were able to come out and climb the ice, try new equipment, make new friends, and enjoy a series of evening adventure movies.

Kyle Ruth in “The Good Lookin ‘One”
The Liberty Mountain / Grivel team was lucky enough to be in town early and enjoy the ice before the crowd arrived. On Tuesday, we made up for the cold morning and went to the Unknown Wall for a few laps on The Good Looking ‘One, The Thrill is Gone and a few other classic tracks.
Not only does it provide great ice, but the valley is not so bad in appearance. Funding forms the mountaineering community, and from its festival it plays a major role in plowing the valley road for access for climbers, skiers, mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Here Liberty Mountain sales representative Thad VanDenBerghe is getting ready to climb along the clinics on the Genesis Wall. Combination of Outdoor design gloves It did a great job of keeping our hands warm and dry on the ice for several days in a row. The Denali gloves he uses here are excellent in play and waterproof.

Probably the best decision we made for the gear Valandre G2’s As our coats are said, these lightweight jackets are one of the best and warmest options and we are all definitely sold. The 850+ goose blocked the wind at minus temperatures and fried us all week. Not only did they serve our team well, but many others we climbed with were in our uniforms because they were not simply compared to each other.
One of the funniest parts of attending festivals and showcasing equipment is getting feedback on what climbers like about our products and what they think can be improved.
An Ice Fest participant demonstrates the new Grivel Salamander 2.0 helmet.

The new Grivel helmet collection recently arrived in the United States, and festival participants were the first to test it. Above is Liberty Mountain, sales manager Peter McConkie in a Stealth ultralight helmet. Its stealth weight is unrealistic 6.7 ounces and it easily holds both a bean and tiny hairs in a package that fits all packages.

Even a local newscaster was able to use a pair of Grivel tools and crampons.

This is where the Ice Fest headquarters at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture appeared. Festivals are one of the best opportunities to try new things before you buy. Every day, festival-goers had the chance to show off their demo shoes, ice packs, cramps, helmets, and even outerwear to their clinics the next day. Many companies bring some of their best products and allow participants to ride them. This is an opportunity to test a variety of different equipment. Things you might buy one day and things you may only have in your dreams.

The Grivel team was doing this at the show desk. Festival participants were able to test a number of Grivel products including Tech Machines, Tech Machine Carbons, North Machines, Salamander 2.0 helmets and both G-20 and G-22 crampons.
Edelweiss was a beer sponsor and helped everyone enjoy Bridger Brewing drinks.

Athletes’ clinics

A number of sponsored athletes shared their climbing knowledge during clinics during the festival.
Here is Scott Bennett, an Edelweiss athlete from the United States, who builds a fast and light clinic on the Genesis Wall.

Grivel athlete Shingo Okhawa trained a leading ice clinic and talked about the principles of turning ice tools, moving properly and placing ice screws. See some of the highlights of his clinic in the video above.

Aaron Maliki Combined Mountaineering Clinic with the theme “Excitement is gone”

Grivel and Beal athlete Aaron Maliki shared his expertise in mixed climbing during his clinic on the unnamed wall. He also showed how he captures Rod’s drone photos this one From the same class as the image above.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and other sponsors who help organize the festival every year. See you next year at the 21st Bozeman Ice Festival!


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