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This is the third Phantom boot visualization I use, while 4 models have been offered by SCARPA in recent years. The first attractive red and yellow (I never used them), then the popular and durable Phantom guide, then the Phantom Tech light and comfortable but not very durable, and then this latest version of Phantom Tech, which is light, durable, warm, Agile and generally very good (unfortunately, I ruined the surprise).

Sloping Ice with Phantom Tech – Crack Baby WI6 Kandersteg (Photo by Danny Ullman)

They say SCARPA“Phantom Tech is an ultra-lightweight, technically accurate boot for mountaineering and ice climbing in cold weather.”

Lightweight and accurate for technical combination cracks

The first generation Phantom Tech was a great boot for walking and climbing, but experienced a list of durability issues. First, the cumin was destroyed very soon. Mine was destroyed and had to be replaced after 15 days of guidance in Scotland in the winter. The zipper is also divided on both boots. With that in mind, I was thinking that lighters are not always right, and despite the very positive initial vibrations from the current Phantom Tech, I wanted to make sure they were thoroughly tested before writing the review. So this is a long-term experiment of about 18 months of use in the European Alps, or while working as a mountain guide on a variety of terrain or ice and mixed mountaineering with friends.

Warm, supportive, durable. Nolan Spore ascends to the north face of Munch in February 2021.

So what did I use the boots for? Technical northern figures, steep and not very steep ice, mixed mountaineering and dry tools, long hut walks, skiing and mountaineering (mountaineering), general mountaineering and mixed ridges. Basically a lot of rock, ice and snow – that’s exactly what it was designed for.

Wooden Combination Climb North Gemsfluh (Photo by John Bersi)

I knew straight out of the box that they were significantly lighter than my previous Phantom Tech, both on my hands and feet. They actually felt super light. And that’s because they are! 730 grams per boot for size 42! And we know that the weight on our feet makes a difference. With research showing that it takes about 5 times as much energy to carry a weight on our feet against our backs – I want light boots and so do you! But we as consumers want it all, we want it light and we want it to be warm and waterproof and we want it to last forever! Well, I’m glad to say that with the new Phantom technology, you can have it all. 110 grams less than any trunk compared to the old model and much better!

Rock climbing in the straits

So what do we get?

SCARPA says: “The new design of the waterproof gaiter using PU Tek technology creates a light but very durable appearance with a high degree of skill and skill, while helping to reduce the overall weight of 110 grams and makes the Phantom Tech Be your lightest shoe. “Class”

I found these to be extremely waterproof and snowproof as well as durable. They also seem to breathe better than any other boots I have used, which means your feet sweat less and, in turn, warmer feet because the moisture inside your boots keeps them warm. Legs become harder.

SCARPA uses a layer of Primaloft 100 insulation inside and uses Primaloft silver threads to increase the heat and breathability of the box. As I said before, breathing is the key to helping keep your feet warm, and these boots work great. I usually suffer from cold toes, and in the winter facing north or on a cold peak of Mont Blanc, I had already chosen a pair of boots like the Phantom 6000. But for cold day routes, these routes are perfect, and if I’m not sure I can combine them with a pair of warm socks. The outer strap of the boot is fastened with a smooth waterproof zipper and the cuff is secured with an elastic that prevents snow.

The grid system is simple but very effective. I never like those old sophisticated plastic lock systems, and most of them break down anyway. The boots are easy to fasten, the actual straps can be fixed on the ground and replaced (unlike the BOA) and I can adjust the tension for a good fit. The word “accurate” is a word that describes this boot very well. Exact fit, precise feeling when climbing and exactly the tool to work when talking about technical mountaineering and climbing a combination of ice.

With a modern single-point crampon, these devices are an extremely accurate and warm tool for winter technical mountaineering.

One of the key elements in making such an accurate boot is the outsole. Vibram rubber is durable and strong, and an AC Tech roll system (derived from the Rebel family) increases the cushion and provides a very precise feeling underfoot. A new TPU gearbox insert under the tech 3 SL cab means the boots offer great compatibility with the latest C3 automatic clamps (this B3-grade boot is fully rigid). I have used C3 and C2 crampons from Black Diamond, Petzl and Grivel and they all fit well with these boots. Combine them with a single point crampon like the Grivel G20 or Petzl Dart and they are great on technically combined terrain. They have a slightly lower interior than the previous model, which is great for mixed climbing, and I personally have not noticed any negative points when climbing the ice. Even the ground after the ground 50-60 degrees!

Lightweight and agile highlight on sloping ice.

Therefore, to conclude. Phantom Tech is the best shoe in its class (considering that any shoe is only suitable for you). The fit of the Phantom Tech is comparable to the previous version of 2016, but the only difference for me is that I can feel more space in the heel. I wear the U43, the same as the previous version, and also in the Ribble range.

They are light, precise, agile and durable. They rise like ice from the ice and the mixed ground, feel like a coach (almost!) While walking, and are very comfortable. I really hope they never stop making these! Boots suitable for Scottish winter, technical mountaineering, Mont Blanc and technical and mixed ice.

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