Jackson Marvel is the newest member of the Azadi Mountain Athletes team. He joined as an athlete for Edelweiss, Grivel and Cypher. We interviewed Jackson to find out a little more about where his passion for mountaineering started and his goals are progressing.

Tell us about where you grew up –
I was born in Orem, Utah and lived in Provo until I was three years old. That’s where I dug the biggest hole in my parents’ garden. We then moved to Lyndon, where I now live when not on a mountaineering or expedition trip.
What was your first experience climbing?
When I was 16, I begged an older girl I worked with to take me on a mountaineering Saturday after work. He finally accepted and took me to Rock Canyon. That day I was able to run several sports fields and learn the basics, that night I bought rope, harness, lottery and station set. As it became an addiction, I started hiring kids to use the school to leave mountaineering as much as I could. Then the Moab journeys soon began and my weekend habit of climbing there. Moab is where I really brush my teeth.
What is your favorite type of climb?
Climbing me is all adventure. That being said, I naturally go for trades, the Great Wall, the Alps and the ice. However, nothing is like coming out of a wild desert tower, so if I have to pick one as my favorite, I guess I have to work with it.
Do you like any style of mountaineering?
Mountaineering and sports bouldering are both relatively tedious.
Jackson in the Gold Bar Tower
Where are your favorite areas to climb?
I have spent a lot of time exploring the Colorado Plateau over the years, when I am at home and my destination is mountaineering. I was in Alaska for the last two years and I really enjoyed the experience I had there. It’s really fun to be out of touch with the rest of the world for a month.
Tell us about your favorite climb of all time –
Home my favorite climb always … this climb is hard. One of the most memorable days in my memory must have been when my friend Pat Kingsbury and I made our first free ascent east of Tower Onsight, Texas Tower. It was a great day to climb.
Why do you climb?
You know, it’s a good question to think about when I’m especially tired at work, or when I’m jokingly trying to raise money for another trip. The only answer I could get is that life should have moments of adventure. Who does not dream of wandering in the desert or standing on a snowy peak in a distant place? Of course, I did this when I was a child, and now this dream has become a reality to some extent.

Jackson climbs to the shotgun wedding
Photo: Tim Thompson

Can you talk about your project to climb 100 desert towers? What was your motivation, and how was the preparation and planning?
A few months after I turned 20, I decided to climb 100 desert towers before I turned 21. There were several reasons I decided to do this, 1) I would be the youngest person to do this for a few years, and 2) I wanted to go to areas of the desert that would otherwise never have a chance to I could not find them. Preparation and planning were simple, climb the towers whenever possible. Obstacles, on the other hand, were another story, when I think of obstacles, when I get to my truck to pick up my truck on a dirt road in Canyonland one weekend, something comes to mind. I was very stressed that night and wondered what I needed to do to build a new rig and get back on the road, but I He woke up the next morning and told him to turn the wheel and take the rest of the weekend out of the truck with 5 towers. Then I went home on Sunday night, tested 12 Tacoma on Monday, borrowed on Tuesday and bought a new truck. On Wednesday, I came out again and enjoyed my one-month road trip.

PS Some interesting facts about my small project were the length of 29,160 vertical feet for climbing, 27,500 miles of driving, $ 3,437 for gas, 83 miles of Milts, and 1 total Tacoma. What did I get in return? Countless worthless memories with many of my friends.
After a week and a half in the storm this spring, there was a short 5-hour window that Jackson and his mountaineering partner Paul Robertson made the most of. They ran to the nearest hill to the main camp, enjoyed much-needed sunshine, and exercised while crossing six mountains of fun at the foot of the foothills. That night the weather was closed for another 4 days. Photo: Paul Robertson

What other hobbies / interests or hobbies do you have?
To be honest, I usually do not have time to plan a lot of work Mountaineering and Going Mountaineering If I had more time, I would probably spend it in my grandfather’s shop to become a better welder or read a book.
What or who motivates you?
There are several people who have inspired me over the years, and my grandparents have always been a great inspiration to me. They both work harder than anyone I know, and they instilled this work ethic in me when I was young. I always try to include it in my mountaineering. Another great inspiration for me was Scott Adamson, he embodied everything I thought climbers should be.
Favorite food after sending-
You should definitely eat a large gouache bacon burger with some french fries.
What are your long-term goals for climbing?
I have many goals to climb. Some of the next steps are to release this line called “Hell Bitch” in a really deep tower in the desert. I will also be going to Kyrgyzstan for two months to do some great wall climbing and exploring this summer.
Is there anything else you think your fans should know?

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