Emmons Glacier on a moonlit night

Emmons / Winthrop path problems will start a little less this year. Seasonal snow has gone from most of Inter’s glaciers (approaching Camp Sherman), causing cracks and steep, icy slopes. The E / W route is self-climbing and the parties have been successful with clear and calm weather conditions.

Cinnamon black bear in the glacier basin

Glacier Approach – The path to the glacier is in excellent condition. Stay tuned for daily walks and backpacks along the way. An early start is recommended if you go to Schorman with a push. If you are camping in the glacier, watch out for bears, as there are black bears around the camp.

Refrigerator basin to top of indoor refrigerator: From here you go about a mile to the tip of the refrigerator. When you are in the glacier, you will encounter heavy snow and frost. Crampons are essential on the glacier. At the top of the Inter glacier, there is a need to negotiate with large ships, and climbing from here seems to be the best move. The Emmons Glacier from Camp Curtis to Camp Schorman is completely broken, and ropes are recommended here.

Snow firmly on the Inter refrigerator
The climbers are negotiating with the detached ships on the Inter glacier

Climbing Route – Climbers climbing from Schorman Camp immediately encounter many gaps as they step on the glacier. Wait for the icy conditions because most of the winter snow has melted and the icy ice has been exposed. Dynamic movements may be required to cross some gaps at the top of the corridor.

From the top of the corridor, the path climbs to the climbers on the left and then places a series of traverse to make several large gaps at the end. This route is parallel to many steep slopes and large gaps from 11,500 ‘to 12,700’, and many teams use short-running shots or short throws.
Sunrise at 12300

Above 12,700 minutes, the route is physically difficult because you have to be in a line of penitents (snow peak) who need large stairs and little space for poor work. Priced at 13 13,400, there is a ramp that requires turning the ice tool and pulling itself onto an ice. Then follow the ten-foot trail using your ice tool in the same way. Most teams blame each other up and down this section.
After passing more repentants and taking big steps, it will lead you to Burgershrvand. This route passes by climbers just below the giant ice wall. As the wall moves down, it rises above the river and the cliffs at the edge of the crater are in view.
Overall the route is still climbable, with any chances the situation will continue until the end of the season.
Be careful, be polite and climb safely!

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