There are three options for placing a picket. The first is in a trench, the second in a vertical position, and the third in the middle of the clip.

The strength of a snow picker, no matter how the picket is placed, is directly related to the quality of the snow. The strongest is always the picket that is in the trench and the snow fills it again. This snow must be packed and hardened. The second strongest trench is the trench without refilling. The third item will be a middle picket of the clip. And finally, the weakest – but fastest – position of the picket is the vertical picket.

In the video below, Emil Drinkwater, a member of the AMGA coaching team, shows how to place pickets in three different directions.

In addition to Emily’s demonstrations, please watch this great video from SMC in your career selection:

It should be noted that with vertical picket demonstrations, if one can easily place the picket without tapping or tapping it, the picket is probably not very good. It takes a little effort to insert the vertical picket.

Placing a ticket is a manual task. And like any other craft, it needs practice to do it well. Before actually using these devices, spend your time and effort …

-Jason Di Martin

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