Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour
Trekking plan to the biggest summit in Persia. This handsome gigantic volcano is concerning the most easily accessible great 18600 feet summit in the world. A frequently known prominent top goal which is speedily obtaining attraction with regards to ski touring travelling target. Volcano Damavand is also the towering for wild ski tour in West-Asia and is a admired target for sport vacation.

Mt. Damavand could be described as presumably the fastest 5670 m in the world to walk. The to start off hostelbivouacs Polur will absolutely just 2 hours from TEHRAN’s IKA Int Air port. In a short expression holiday plans you can possibly ascend to the volcano peak and get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this is what distinguished summit.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Mount Damavand is a superb symmetrical cone volcano having a slim snowy top. This looks like Mt Fuji inside Asia. Mt Damawand dormant volcano is situated nearly 80 kms north east of Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Mt. Damavand whitened top and its particular lovely ordinary fog up cap would be the almost attractive picture of Iran mountains.

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Sunrise in Izta

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