Damavand Trekking Tour
Trekking program to the tallest mountain in Persia. This pleasing very large peak is one of the most easily accessible massive 18600 ft volcano in the world. A undiscovered prominent volcano target which is without question rapidly gaining attraction with respect to snow boarding touring goal. Damavand Mountain is also the sky-scraping ski region for backcountry ski mountaineering in Persia and is a well liked place for winter activitiy.

Mount Damavand is very much probably the rapidest 5670m in our planet to ascend. The to start off camp Polur is without a doubt just 2 hours far from Teheran’s IKA Int Airport terminal. In a short expression holiday plans you can hike to the peak and get a taste of the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this distinguished mountain summit.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Damavand Volcano is an excellent shaped cone volcano that has a thin snowy summit. This appears to be Mt Fuji-san inside Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is nearly 80 km’s north-east of capital Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain bright peak and its stunning regular cloud cap will be the almost appealing look of Iran mountain tops.

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Auto Retreat, Deaths, Hanold and Some Wonders: Our Top Stories for 2021

Auto Retreat, Deaths, Hanold and Some Wonders: Our Top Stories for 2021

Far away. A short interview with Alex Hanold about the future of his parents and his wife, Sonny McCandless, was the most read article we did during the year.

Readers gather to read about Hanold: the first time that El Cap, the “Free Singles” Oscar-winning star, released Jimmy Chin and Vassarley tea individually and defended access to solar energy. Even those of us who have seen him in five or 10 films still welcome his presence in the recent and absolutely incredible film “The Climber”. Mark Andre Leclerc Hanold is always honest, clear and witty.

So, as an overview of the end of the year, here are our top 10 most read stories.

Does Alex Hanold stop free solitary confinement when his daughter is born? We asked. He replied.

Alex Hanold is on the verge of becoming a father. It raises all these questions, one obvious one is: wouldn’t it be a problem for him to be an assistant climber?

By Michael Levy

In an interview published on November 18, he says:

“I’m quite ready [parenthood] To control my risk for a while, though, I could see that it had no effect. I’m trying to manage and reduce risk as much as possible right now – I certainly do not consider myself a big risk taker.

He and the author were openly entertained.

Michael Levy: Let’s say your daughter, years later, decides she wants to be alone Free Rider. What is going through your head?
Hanold: Well, I’m probably too worried. But I have a good beta for him…



Forward! To other popular stories throughout the year. You may remember some. And we left out a couple, like the now-obsolete Olympic TV show, and the videos, because they are not stories.


Who: Meeting the Olympic teams of South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Poland and Kazakhstan

Seo Chah Hyun from South Korea. (Photo: ADEK BERRY / AFP via Getty Images)

Meet the 20 men and 20 women participating in the opening ceremony of the Climbing Olympics.

By John Borgman


Borgman was a treasure for us at the opening of the Olympics, and it was enlightening, entertaining, and humane, article by article. And he did it all fast. We all stayed up for four nights, and the Olympics may be blurry for us, from writing fast, downloading photos and texting each other at 3am, but we all remember what he did.


The climbers we lost in 2020

By rock climbing Staff

“The Climbers We Lost” is our annual tribute to the members of the community we lost last year. We are in this ninth iteration of this summary. It is always done with heavy hearts, but it is a way to share memories and celebrate loved ones, and in many ways, to do something for them. Each year we are reminded of the incredibly diverse talents and histories of those who are all part of this community. We are now compiling “Climbers We Lost in 2021”.


Hobbes Kessler climbs 5.14+ and runs a 4-minute side mile. And he is only 17 years old

Hobbes Kessler wants to be the first to run a mile in less than 4 minutes and climb the 5.15 and V15. And he just might do it.

By Bruce Hildenbrand

This one just gives you hope and a smile. Under 4 and 5.14! Oh, and one of Hobbes’s best friends is Connor Herson, who has climbed freely Nose, Among other things, our youth is a reason to feel good about the future.


Captured by machine: lead to automatic release to market

By Delaney Miller

This was the dormitory that took over in December. There seems to be a very interested audience. Hey, most of us do mountaineering for fun, relaxation and fun. However, what few of us want to know is: Will people ever start using them on rocks? We can not think, please do not.


A woman in a mountaineering stadium lost her life in a car accident

By Michael Levy

Such a tragic event again, most of us do mountaineering in sports clubs, and we can communicate very well, and we know that accidents can happen. Many condolences.


While Belay Anchor rips in Eldo, one is dead and the other is badly injured

A first-hand report reveals the cause of a fatal mountaineering accident last week in the Eldorado Springs Canyon, Colorado.

By Michael Levy

It kills a dough, and it breaks our hearts.


The fight between Grossman and Garnbert, the broadcaster apologized for the sexual cover

The rain ends women’s competitions prematurely, Japanese men’s sweepers complain about a long-term camera near the Austrian Johanna Farber.

By John Borgman

An amazing new sporting event unfolds when Natalia Grossman (USA) shines on the world stage against Janja Garnbert (SLO). But we know what is another reason why this story was read so much. Please. What a nightmare.


Nirmal “Nims” Purja: The man who climbed K2 supplement without oxygen in winter

Nimes, an elite soldier and elite climber, led the first K2 winter climb.

By Bennett Slavowski

Nimes Pourja in K2. (Photo: Nimsdai / Red Bull Content Pool)

Another procedure. The whole world of mountaineering is amazed by what Nims Pourja Has done. All 14 8000 people in the world in less than seven months. And more, much more. You can also watch Netflix’s new movie, 14 Peaks: Nothing Impossible, which is very popular with climbers.


The speed of women’s Olympic sports ascent to history – the battle begins

Personal bests and slips shake the leaderboard as Olympic women compete for the boulder.

By Francis Sanzaro

And so, the ascent to the Olympics is now confirmed through Paris in 2024, and even Los Angeles in 2028. And so the coverage of our event began, in written and visual form.


Okay, we are far beyond the ordinary 10, but we give you a reward, an eternal wish to improve our ascent.

Rock climbing training: A proven way to get stronger fingers

Every climber wants stronger fingers, but few really know how to turn on their key connectors. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your steel fingers.

By Brendan Blanchard

Skills articles are always a lottery. Why? Because mountaineering is great.


Post Auto Retreat, Deaths, Hanold and Some Wonders: Our Top Stories for 2021 Appeared first rock climbing.

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