Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour
Hiking itinerary to the biggest summit in Iran. This delightful very big top is concerning the most easily accessible very large top in the world. A undiscovered prominent peak destination which would be speedily capturing approval by trek journeying station. Mt. Damavand is also the sky-scraping ski slope for backcountry ski in Persia and is a well liked target for winter sport vacation.

Volcano Damavand could be described as apparently the rapidest 5670 masl on the globe to hike. The to start off campgrounds Polour is simply just just 2 hours from TEHRAN’s IKA Int Airport terminal. In a simple term plans you should climb to the peak and get a taste related with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this amazing distinguished mountain summit.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Iran is a good symmetrical cone volcano which has a slim snowy peak. That appears to be Mount Fuji inside Asia. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano sits nearly 80 kilometres north-east of capital Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Mount Damavand white peak and its wonderful regular fog up top would be the most appealing perception of Iran mountains.

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