Damavand Iran Trekking Tours
Climbing itinerary to the tallest volcano in Persia. This delightful towering top is one of the most easily accessible very large 18600 ft mountain in the world. A less-known prominent summit target which is generally quickly achieving favour by skiing journeying target. Damavand is also the giant for ski vacation in West-Asia and is a well liked destination for winter sport interest.

Mount Damavand Iran is certainly presumably the promptest 5670 meters above sea level in the world to make sure you climb. The base hostelbivouacs Polour would be just just two hours at TEHRAN’s IKA International Airport terminal. In a restricted expression holiday plans you may ascend to the summit plus get a taste related with the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this fact distinguished volcano peak.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand
Mt. Damavand is a great symmetrical cone volcano that has a small snowy top. It appears to be Mt. Fuji-san in Japan. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is placed nearly 80 kms north east of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mt Damavand light top and its lovely regular fog up cover will be the nearly beautiful sight of Iran summits.

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