Damavand Iran Trekking Tours
Climbing plan to the highest mountain in Iran. This handsome giant summit is one of the most easily accessible very large 5670 masl summit in the world. A less-known prominent peak target which is rapidly achieving admiration with respect to hike touring goal. Mt. Damavand is also the giant ski area for off-piste ski in the Middle-East and is a popular target for winter entertainment.

Damavand is maybe the firmest 5670 m in the world up to climb. The to start off lodge Polour is only only two hours far from Teheran’s IKA Int Flight destination. In a compact term plan a person is going to trek to the summit plus get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this skill distinguished summit.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Iran is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano that has a thin snowy peak. That appears to be Fujiyama Mountain inside Japan. Mt Damavand dormant volcano is placed roughly eighty kms North East of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand white summit and its beautiful ordinary fog up hat will be the nearly beautiful sight of Iran peaks.

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Do not do this for safety reasons: Use body fluid for cam oil

Do not do this for safety reasons: Use body fluid for cam oil

We were climbing to the base of the Grand Wall in Squamish. We preferred to use our old rack, but the trigger on one of my No. 1 cameras was stuck. My partner wanted to see the camera, turned around, and then I heard a tickling sound. He was urinating on Cam’s head. He lubricated Cam’s urine, but I forced him to carry it for the climb. Instead, I decided to finish it Gap column Leave the hand
James Lucas

Lesson: Gross While urine is not particularly dangerous, experiments have shown that the urine-soaked cord was less ruptured overnight after a 30% drop in the test. This can weaken the cam nylon strap a bit. But this issue is more about social etiquette. Before urinating on your partner’s cam, try the standard method: clean it in warm soapy water and then lubricate the moving parts with WD-40, bicycle chain lubricant or mountaineering oil. Climbers on internet forums like to discuss the merits of different options. If you are not sure, Wax-based meth formula One sure thing is that if it doesn’t work, you still shouldn’t urinate on it. Urinating with mountaineering equipment is never the answer.

You may think he tried the water before urinating.

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