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Trekking Tours Mt Damavand
Damavand Mountain is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy smt. That appears like Mt Fuji-san in Asia. Mt Damawand dormant volcano sits closely eighty km’s NorthEast of Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand Volcano white top and its particular wonderful regular fog up top would be the most beautiful picture of Iran summits.

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The Republic of Ireland has traveled to Helsinki To face Finland In the second game of the 2023 Women’s World Cup qualifiers.

Vera Pauw are looking for their first qualifying victory, after their first game ended in a narrow defeat to world number two Sweden, who took advantage of a goal from Louise Quinn.

The hosts won both Group A games, including a 3-0 win Thursday evening in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

Finland currently have five players with at least one goal and will bring their attacking intentions against the Republic of Ireland.

Vera Pau has named one Unchanged side For the match that took place in the capital of Finland and he hopes to lead his team to the second victory in three games.

Ayna Ogerman will win her 110th national game for the national team, while the top player of the game against Sweden, Courtney Brosnan, will remain among the sticks.

The team lined up at the Divorce Stadium with a 5-4-1 formation against Sweden, and it is expected that the team will not play against Finland without a change in a different lineup.

Jimmy Finn and Ayna Ogerman will occupy the defensive positions, and when Ireland do not have possession of the ball, they will offer more width in attack and defense.

Louise Quinn will be at the heart of the defense with Niamh Fahi and Savannah McCarthy on either side.

Captain Dennis Osalivan and Megan Cannoli will occupy the midfield, while Lucy Quinn and Katie McCabe will support Heather Payne, who starts on the offensive line for Ireland.

Leanne Kiernan, Amber Barrett and Ciara Grant are among those taking their place on the bench.

On the other hand, Anna Signuel’s students will play for the third consecutive victory and will try to keep up the pressure on the Swedes.

The Finnish coach made four changes to the team that sent Georgia away.

Tuija Hirinen, Ria Oling, Natalia Cuica and Sansi Francesi join a team led by Tinja Rika-Korpella.

Linda Salstrom, the team’s top scorer, is also in the 11th place in the top eight, eighth above Ireland in the world rankings.


Finland (4-4-2): 23 Tinja-Riikka Korpela (C) 3 Tuija Hyyrynen 4 Ria Öling 5 Emma Koivisto 7 Adelina Engman 10 Emmi Alanen 15 Natalia Kuikka 16 Anna Westerlund 17 Sanni Franssi 18 Linda Sällstreliinanum Sällström 20.

Individuals: 1 Paula Milioja, 12 Anna Taminen, 2 Elie Picogimas, 6 Anna Avinen, 8 Olga Ahtinen, 9 Juliette Campi, 11 Nora Hrom, 13 Amanda Rantanen, 14 Julia Tontori, 19 Assi Signio, 21 Ovataman 2222.

Republic of Ireland (5-4-1): برازنان; Finn, Fahi, Louise Quinn, McCarthy, Ogerman; Lucy Quinn, Osalivan, Cannoli, McCabe; pin

Sub-players: Moloney, Badana, Walsh, Caldwell, Kiernan, Bart, Jarrett, Farley, Grant, Noonan, Clancy, McLaughlin.

Where to watch

The match will start at 16:15 Irish time and will be available for viewing on RTÉ 2 and RTÉ Player.

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