Damavand Iran Trekking Tours
Climbing itinerary to the highest top in Iran. This handsome cosmic summit is amongst the most easily accessible very large 5670m peak in the world. A undiscovered prominent volcano goal which is at (full) speed gathering popularity with respect to hiking travelling goal. Damavand Volcano is also the most elevated ski area for backcountry ski mountaineering in Iran and is a admired destination for sport interest.

Mt Damavand Iran could be described as reasonably the swiftest 18600 feet on earth up to walk. The to start off campgrounds Poolour is only a couple of hours ranging from Tehran’s IKA Int Airport. In a restricted timeframe leasure activities you may ascend to the summit and additionally get a taste on the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this distinguished top.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand
Damavand Iran is a superb symmetrical cone volcano which has a small snowy peak. It seems as if Fuji-san within Japan. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is placed nearly eighty kms northeast of Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Mt. Damavand bright summit and its particular beautiful regular fog up cap will be the almost desirable view of Iran summits.

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