Damavand Iran Trekking Tours
Climbing program to the tallest volcanic peak in Iran. This pretty enormous peak is amongst the most easily accessible enormous 18600 ft volcanic peak in the world. A uncharted prominent summit goal which typically is quickly gathering favour by skiing journeying destination. Volcano Damavand is also the tallest ski area for ski vacation in Iran and is a well liked place for winter sport interest.

Mt Damavand Iran is very much maybe the quickest 5670 meters above sea level on earth up to ascend. The original hut Polour would be simply just two hours far from TEHRAN’s IKA International Flight destination. In a quick term itinerary a person can walk to the top and as well as get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this distinguished mountain summit.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand
Damavand is a good symmetrical cone volcano that has a thin snowy smt. It looks like Fuji-san within Japan. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano lies roughly eighty kms North East of capital Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand light top and its stunning common cloud cap would be the almost beautiful look of Iran peaks.

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Logan Zhang, 11, Onsights Three 5.13a in one day, Later Redpoints 5.13d

Logan Zhang, 11, Onsights Three 5.13a in one day, Later Redpoints 5.13d

On October 18, in the Red River Strait, Logan Zhang, 11, Bina 40 ounces justice, skin boat, And Sentenced—All 5.13a— and then turned red Poison makerIt is 5.12d or 5.13a, depending on who you ask. The next day, the sixth grader dropped his long-term project, Swingline (5.13d).

Asked which achievement he was most proud of – seeing three 5.13 a day or re-showing his hardest path – Zhang said, “I think my best experience was posting. Swingline. “I spent a lot of time – very long – on it.”

He started trying first Swingline In July, you spend a week on the road, but you go there without being dispatched. However, he sent this trip on his first attempt on his first day.

“I cried when I cut the anchors,” he said. When I saw 5.13s, I was not so happy, even if I look back, [the 5.13s] Maybe it was more successful, I think, just because I spent a lot of time on it Swingline. But I think it would be easier to send it Swingline “Again compared to seeing the three 5.13s again.”

He also sent a week and a half on the same trip Keyoscope (5.13c) In his second attempt (after Dino through the technical section at the bottom), the red dot Snooker (5.13a), and blinked for nearly 5.12 seconds.


Zhang, who started mountaineering at the age of seven And recently moved to Chattanooga with his family, he has already achieved a number of high-level sporting achievements. In 2017, he set a world record for long jump for six-year-olds at 1.85 meters (6 ½ ½ inches). The record he still has.

After being sidelined by a growth plate injury, he jumped and competed in the American Ninja Warrior. As the family was about three hours away from the nearest Ninja Warrior gym, Zhang’s father built a training complex in the basement of their house and invited other local athletes to play and train there. This arrangement worked for Zhang: he finished second at the World Warrior Ninja Championships at the age of eight and won the following year. But climbing soon became his priority. In February 2020, at the age of 10, Logan became the national youth bouldering champion in his age category.


Zhang’s parents are well aware Burnout is a real threat to athletic children — so they place a lot of emphasis on entertaining it.

“There is a lot of external pressure from the parents on the children to either go to the club all the time or to do whatever the parents expect them to do,” said Zhang Zhang’s father, Ocean Zhang. rock climbing. “And it can be a lot of fun for kids to climb or do any sport. We try to make sure the drive comes completely from him. We never discuss mountaineering with him. If he wants to do it, then he does it. “If not, then we will continue and do something else.”

Zhang just climbs for more practice. He tries to hang himself to prevent injury and the strength of his fingers, but has less priority. He also jumps on jars, but not on campus, which is considered very stressful for the tendons and joints of younger climbers.

The Zhang family has moved several times recently, so he has competed with four climbing teams in five years. “But for every team he’s been on, we just ask him to go to training two weeks a week,” Ocean Zhang said. He does not go to the full set of exercises. “It gives him the flexibility not to climb on certain days, or to do his own thing and be more creative.”


Ocean Zhang also noted that his son’s emphasis on outdoor mountaineering Over the past 18 months, it has been partly the result of a US climbing decision to remove categories and nationals for the U12 age group, which is made up of climbers 11 and under. The decision was intended to minimize the strain on young athletes, but it did create a whole new set of challenges for mountaineers like Zhang who excel in the competition.

To make sure he did not lose interest in the sport in the absence of the competition, Zhang’s parents introduced him as a climbing instructor at the gym and then began taking him outside.

“At first it was difficult to move from the stadium to the rock,” Ocean Zhang said. Her skin ached. The spiders were on the rocks. There was a long wait time between climbs. And the scores that felt comfortable in the stadium felt tough outside. But he soon fell in love with rock more than plastic. I [recently] Ask Logan if he would prefer to win the National Climbing Championships or submit his next project, Red River Gorge: he chose the outdoor project.

When Zhang was asked what his future was, Zhang said, “I really want to climb Chattanooga. There is a lot of mountaineering here.” He’s especially excited about bouldering in the Chattanooga area, because his only bouldering trip so far has been a week in Hueco. “I also want to do the 5.14s in red,” he said. Southern Smoke. This is 5.14c. “

However, he wants to keep it fun. Asked what advice he would give to other young climbers, Zhang said, “Do whatever you want. You do not need to project if you do not want to. “I do not usually project.”

Uncut images of Logan Zhang ascents can be seen in this section His father’s YouTube page.

Post Logan Zhang, 11, Onsights Three 5.13a in one day, Later Redpoints 5.13d Appeared first rock climbing.

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