Damavand Trekking Tour
Trek program to the tallest volcanic peak in Persia. This beautiful gigantic summit is one of the most easily accessible vast mountain in the world. A uncharted prominent summit goal which is generally quickly capturing popularity with regards to trekking travelling station. Mt. Damavand is also the towering ski slope for snowshoeing in Persia and is a favored area for winter sport activitiy.

Volcano Damavand is certainly perhaps the rapidest 18600 feet on earth with walk. The to start off campgrounds Poolour will just 2 hours far from Tehran’s IKA International Flight destination. In a immediate expression itinerary a person will probably advance to the peak plus get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this is what distinguished volcano peak.

Trekking Tour Mount Damavand Iran
Volcano Damavand is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano that has a thin snowy smt. That appears like Fuji Mountain in Asia. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano sits about eighty km’s North-East of Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Damavand Volcano white-colored top and its beautiful common cloud top will be the nearly attractive look of Iran mountain tops.

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