Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour
program to the biggest summit in Iran. This substantial gigantic summit is amongst the most easily accessible massive 18600 ft top in the world. A uncharted prominent mountain destination which is without question speedily gathering acceptance with regards to climbing journeying target. Mount Damavand is also the biggest ski destination for snowshoeing in West-Asia and is a favored target for winter campaign.

Damavand Mountain is very much possibly the speediest 5670 m on the globe up to walk. The to start off lodge Polour would be only just 2 hours far from Tehran’s IKA International Flight destination. In a restricted timeframe schedule you may advance to the mountain summit and as well as get a taste associated with the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this distinguished top.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Mt. Damavand is a wonderful shaped cone volcano with a small snowy summit. It seems as if Mt Fujiyama within Asia. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is about eighty kms northeast of Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Mt Damavand white-colored summit and its wonderful ordinary cloud top is the mainly beautiful view of Iran mountain tops.

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Latest Sport News
Mountaineering and outdoor news from here and abroad – 12/9/21

North West:

–Climbing has published the death of Julien Anseld, a climber and former member of Congress who died in November at the age of 89. You really can not summarize this amazing person here. Just go read the article about him.

-There will be an uphill trip in SnoqualmieThis year requires a license 

– In late November, a team launched a new lineup at the summit of Smerlda. Line, Moonlight Serendipity (WI2 M5 + 1200ft), connects ditches and ice spots on the northeastern front of the peak. To read about climbing and see photos, click here.

– The Sierra Wave reports that “the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA) has hired two mountaineering rangers to patrol the popular rock climbing and bouldering areas in the Bishop area. This is the third year of the program. Climbing east of the Sierra is an activity between It is an organization, so mountaineering rangers are supported by several partners: the Bishop Mountaineering Coalition, the Bishop District Chamber of Commerce, Inio Friends, the Los Angeles Electricity and Water Authority, the Land Management Office, the Bishop Field Office, and the Inio National Forest. “Happys and Sads, Buttermilks, Pine Creek, Gorge and Upper Gorge and Druids will focus.” For further reading, click here.

Colorado and Utah:

–ABC 4 reports that “crews with a fire brigade rescued a rock climber who fell in Little Cottonwood Valley. The crew said the climber fell about 30 feet and was half a mile from the road. ” For further reading, click here.

–Climbing reports that “a climber was struck by a rock in Clear Creek Canyon, Golden, Colorado on Saturday, December 4 and is currently in a medical ICU ward.” The website provides a complete report of the incident, Something we often do not see.

–A skier died after hitting a tree in Eldora this week. This is the second death on a ski slope in the last two weeks. For further reading, click here.
– A ranger was shot yesterday after chasing a couple in Rocky Mountain National Park. Ranger bulletproof vest saved him. After an exchange of gunfire, the couple were tamed. One was injured. The following is a video of the incident provided by local news:
– News Channel 21 reports that “One of the most popular hikes in the US National Park requires a permit from 2022. Zion National Park officials have announced that from April 1, 2022, visitors who want to deal with the landing of famous angels Hike, which runs through a 1488-foot-high rock formation to see wide views of the valleys below, must participate in an online lottery to obtain a permit. click here.
Notes from around the world:

–Snowbrains reports that “Washington Mountain Avalanche Center reports that a board avalanche to the left of Galli in Tuckermann Rhine fell to a height of 600 feet on Sunday, hitting several cliffs and causing” failure. ” “Bad.” A solo skier was traveling. An uphill at the time. ” For further reading, click here.
Check out the winner of the Red Bull Illume Outdoor Adventure Photography Contest, Here.
The John Lashlaun Award is a Canadian grant that awards between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 to people interested in expedition rock climbing. Gripped: “From the outset, this award aims to promote the international development of Canadian mountaineers and to maintain a bold and adventurous spirit that exemplifies John Lachlan’s mountain exploits.” For further reading, click here.
NBC News reports that “a treasure trove of emeralds, rubies and sapphires that had been buried for decades in a refrigerator near Mont Blanc in France was finally split between the climber who discovered them and the local authorities eight years after they were found.” A climber accidentally stumbled upon precious stones in 2013. They were hidden in a metal box on an Indian plane that crashed into a deserted landscape about 50 years ago. click here.

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