Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour
Mountaineering plan to the highest top in Iran. This charming immense volcano is amongst the most easily accessible very big 5670m peak in the world. A undetected prominent volcano target which is speedily gathering favour by hiking journeying goal. Mount Damavand is also the highest ski destination for ski-touring in Iran and is a well liked target for winter activitiy.

Volcano Damavand is certainly possibly the quickest 5670 masl on earth up to walk. The to start off shelter Panagah Polor is without a doubt absolutely only two hours far from TEHRAN’s IKA Int Airport. In a simple term schedule somebody should ascend to the summit then get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this skill distinguished summit.

Trekking Tour Damavand
Volcano Damavand is a good shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy summit. That seems like Fuji-san in Asia. Mt Damawand dormant volcano is approx 80 kms North East of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Damavand Mountain white peak and its wonderful regular cloud cover will be the mainly appealing view of Iran peaks.

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