Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour
Trek itinerary to the tallest top in Persia. This pleasing massive top is concerning the most easily accessible towering 5670 m top in the world. A undiscovered prominent top destination which would be quickly acquiring welcome with regards to skiing touring target. Damavand Iran is also the greatest ski destination for off-piste ski in Iran and is a popular destination for winter task.

Damavand is very much presumably the fastest 5670m in the world that can walk. The first resort Polur is simply just a couple of hours from Tehran’s IKA International Flight destination. In a restricted timeframe plans somebody may advance to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this is what distinguished volcano peak.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Mt Damavand is a superb symmetrical cone volcano that has a slim snowy smt. This appears like Fuji-san Mountain inside Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is placed about 80 kms north-east of capital Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Damavand Mountain white-colored summit and its wonderful ordinary cloud hat will be the most beautiful look of Iran mountains.

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The best Irish players to play for Leeds United

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Leeds United have been high and low in the English Premier League in recent decades, and many great Irish players have been with them.

The best Irish players to play for Leeds United

7. Noel Hunt

Hunt was looking for his former Reading manager in 2013 and joined Leeds. After a thigh injury, he played just 19 games for the Whites and then moved on to Ipswich Town.

6. Paul Green

The 38-year-old currently trades for Boston United in the US lower leagues. In 2012, Green spent two years as a key player for Leeds United. He played 41 games in League One and the Championship and scored 4 goals. Even before the separation in 2014, he managed to be a team captain.

Green signed a contract with Yorkshire after being called up to Ireland, who played in Euro 2012, and played against Spain.


5. Liam Miller

The former traveler has played for 12 clubs during his career, including a one-season loan spell at Leeds. In 2005, Miller was sent from Manchester United to play in the Championship.

The midfielder played 28 games during this period and scored one goal. He later moved to Sunderland and played 21 games for the Irish national team.


4. Ian Hart

Hart crossed the Irish Sea in 1995 when he moved from Home Farm to Leeds United. Drogda spent eight years in Yorkshire becoming a prolific left-back for them, often taking penalties and free kicks.

After more than 200 games and 28 goals, Leeds were relegated from the Premier League in 2004. Harte then went abroad and spent three years in Spain with Levante.


3. Dennis Irwin

One of Leeds’ honors is the impressive Youth Academy. The legendary left-back of Ireland and Manchester United began his long career at the famous white academy.

Erwin joined the club in the early 1980s, playing more than 70 games in the Old League, and then moved to Oldham FC in 1986.


2. Robbie Kane

One of the best strikers in the history of Ireland and an Irish player who has played in England, Kane was saved by Leeds early in his career. After his unfortunate transfer to Inter Milan in 2000, the Whites offered him a loan spell and then a permanent contract. In 18 months, he scored 13 goals in the league before making the biggest move of his career to Tottenham Hotspur.

With 68 goals, Kane later became Ireland’s top scorer, playing 148 games.

1. John Giles

Giles was certainly the best Irish player to play for Leeds United. His 12-year career began after leaving Manchester United. As he promised, Giles will overshadow Busby for decisions.

Under Don Rivi, he played 383 games in the league, scoring 88 goals and becoming one of the most feared midfielders in the English Premier League. He won league and cup titles before moving to West Brom in 1975.

Giles also played 59 games for Boys in Green, both as a player and as a player-manager.

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