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Damavand Mountain is a superb shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy peak. It seems like Fuji-san in Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano lies nearly eighty km’s North-East of capital Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain whitened peak and its lovely common cloud top could be the nearly desirable sight of Iran summits.

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The biggest tight end in NFL history

The Tight End position has been enjoyed because of the need for better expressions. A glow, In recent seasons

Something like a combination position in attack, the strong end is traditionally placed on either side of the offensive line to prevent running or passing in the game. Most importantly, this is a qualified receiver position in the pass game, so a solid end can also catch passes.

Despite the flexibility of the scheme that the narrow end might provide to trainers, for decades the average use of the narrow end was largely as an additional blocker. The amount of use of position in the pass game was the occasional 6-yard path that winds upstream, twisting and praying.

However, the pioneers in this position over the years have shown the coaches the competitive advantage of a tight end sport in the passing game, which provides an offense.

Increasingly, the aggressive philosophy of coaches in NFL That is, the end of the pack should be one of the most athletic players on the team and an important part of the pass game. Often, blocking is a secondary part of their skill set.

So how good were the pioneers of the past? Have they since surpassed the talented players who have entered the NFL over the past few decades?

Today at Sporting Blog we take a look at some of the best slim games in NFL history.

Cologne Winslow

– San Diego Chargers 1979-87

– 3 times the first team All = Pro, 5x Pro Bowler

– Professional Football Hall of Fame

One of those pioneers, Winslow was one of the first known deep-level threats in the NFL to be in a tight position. He entered the league as a first-round pick for the Chargers, and Winslow spent his entire career playing for them. An injury to the Hall of Fame forced him to drop most of his new season in 1979.

He was only the second player to lead the league in consecutive seasons (Mike Ditka was another).

The Chargers used Winslow in a way that the league had not really seen consistently from a poor end position before. Often seen as the defining moment of Winslow’s career, it was “The Miami Epic,” where at the tight end, the post-season record of 166 yards and one touchdowns was set – and prevented a field goal. Until the game reaches overtime! A symbolic game that caused Winslow to leave the field due to extreme fatigue by his teammates.

Winslow’s career ended prematurely in 1987 due to injury, but he left his mark in the league. Received 6741 yards and finished with 45 touchdowns At a time when numbers were not expected to come out of a difficult end.

Shannon Sharp

– Denver Broncos 1990-99, 2002-03; Baltimore Ravens 2000-01

– 4 times All-Pro first team, 8 times Pro Bowler

– 3 times Super Bowl Champion, Professional Football Hall of Fame

Although many NFL fans may now recognize Shannon Sharp solely for his athleticism, he took this career path to a hard end thanks to his elite games and played more than 14 seasons in the league. Sharp entered the league in 1990 as an unknown seventh-round pick for the Broncos, and it took him a while to find his feet in the NFL.

The Scouts, who were a large college recipient, saw Sharp as too big to play his academic role among professionals. He is known as one of the first “big receivers” to enter a difficult end-of-life career. When Sharp got started, it proved virtually unstoppable and used its receiver skills against midfielders and midfielders, who were less able to cover a smooth runner.

He became a major part of the Denver attack and won in the 1990s with John Alvey as quarterback. Super Bulls In consecutive years (1997 and 1998). Sharp wore a midfield blanket for his quarterback in those championship teams and later for Trent Dilfer in Baltimore Ravens in 2000.

Sharp finished his career with two more productive seasons in Denver, which helped him go beyond 10,000 yards for his career.

Antonio Gates

San Diego Charger 2003-18

– 3 times the first All-Pro team, 8x Pro Bowler

Whenever you hear a commentator point out how a tight “post” in the end area of ​​the play, Antonio Gates’ name is probably mentioned. Gates was an extreme example of the tendency at the time to employ former basketball players to play in the final posts of the league.

Gates never even played football at university. However, he did sign with Chargers as a free agent and was probably the best free agent of all time.

Like Winslow, Gates spent his entire career playing for chargers, receiving 11,841 yards in 16 seasons. He still holds the NFL record for touchdowns in the final position, scoring 66 points on the board 116 times, enough to rank seventh among NFL players of all time. Gates was part of several good Chargers teams in the late 2000s and had a great relationship with defender Phil Rivers.

However AFC Championship Game It was as close as any of the players won the Lombardi Cup. Regardless, Gates is a safe haven when it comes to qualifying in 2023.

Tony Gonzalez

– Kansas City Chiefs 1997-2008, Falcon Atlanta 2009-13

– 6 times the first All-Pro team, 14x Pro Bowler

– Professional Football Hall of Fame

Gonzalez enjoyed a 17-year NFL season, which in itself was an impressive feat, especially for the tight end position. He is almost a consistent player that you will find in the history of the league.

After a slow rookie season, Gonzalez never received less than 600 yards in the remaining season of the career. Gonzalez was a pioneer in the basketball process and made the transition to a tight position. The combination of his size and speed in the situation turned Gonzalez into a match nightmare, at a time when tight endings were more of a follow-up idea for most teams.

The Hall of Fame continues with 15,127 yards, which is the final record for yards in a career. That’s good enough to be sixth among all the receivers, as Gonzalez is only the top 25.

Unfortunately, one of the best slim games in NFL history has never had the success that his career deserved. However, the statistics that Gonzalez has accumulated speak for themselves. In addition to league records, he still holds several team records from his time at Kansas City Chiefs.

While he spent much less time with the Atlanta Falcons, he became an important weapon for Matt Ryan in the passing game, reaching the NFC Championship in 2012 and on the verge of appearing in the Super Bowl.

Gonzalez has since become NFL media coverage as well as spending time in the film industry. A former NFL movie star was unimaginable in the 80’s!

Rob Grunkovsky

New England Patriots 2010-18, Tampa Bay Bucs 2020- Now

– 4 times the first All-Pro team, 5x Pro Bowler

– Champion 4 times Super Bowl

“Probably the face of the tight spot in the 2010s.”گرونکThe only player on this list who is still playing. In fact, he scored just two touchdowns in a Super Bowl, scoring the Lombardi Award in February 2021.

Grunkowski has undoubtedly benefited from playing with probably the best NFL quarterback in all of his career. Regardless, Grunkovski’s relationship with Tom Brady has been a historic pass. They are the second highest-scoring quarterback in the NFL in terms of Touch Down in NFL history, and have been connected 106 times for 6 points (and many more!)

After winning three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, Gronkowski retired for a year and returned to the box after joining his best friend in the league, Brady, to the Florida-based team. In their first year together, they defeated Box Chiefs 9-3 and won the Super Bowl LV.

Grunk has a number of final records, making him the first player in his position to lead the Touch Down League (17 in 2011). He also has the most yards received after the season at the narrow end (1163) – the only narrow end in NFL history to reach 1,000 yards or more in the playoffs.

I can go on, but many analysts and colleagues consider Grunkowski to be the best player he has ever played in this position.

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