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Volcano Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano which has a small snowy summit. It seems as if Mt Fujiyama in Asia. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is placed about 80 kms North-East of capital city Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Volcano Damavand white-colored top and its lovely common fog up cover would be the almost attractive perception of Iran mountains.

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An overview of some of the best exercises for your trapezius including: high, middle, low and no weight exercises

When people look at bodybuilders, they often notice how long and sculpted their necks are. Because their trapezius, a large muscle in the shape of a thorn, has overworked. Starting from behind, Trapezius Before bending down, move in a “V” shape to the bottom of the spine, down the neck and over the shoulders.

Yes, men with big arms get your attention, but these are the big men who get your attention. You can be sure that they tried and did not give up training due to “fatigue”. You admire their power and want to embrace them inwardly. There are no shortcuts to telephoto training. It requires considerable time, energy and courage.

There is disagreement about the optimal day Sport Trapezoidal muscles Some people believe that this day is for their shoulders, while others claim that this day is for their backs. Honestly, you hit your traps every two days, but in my experience, when I work on my shoulders, I can more easily focus on my traps.

In the back days, I tend to focus on the middle and lower back. On the other hand, on a shoulder day, I can squeeze my traps even harder.

Trapezius muscle: What is it?

One of the most prominent muscles in the upper and middle back is the trapezius and can extend from the base of your head to your lower thoracic vertebrae, as well as to the scapula.

Anatomy and function of the trapezoid

The spine has two symmetrical trapezius muscles: one on the left and the other on the right. The upper, middle, and lower trapezius traps are collectively known as traps.

The best trapezius exercises

The dumbbell raises the shoulder

Upper Traps muscle fibers respond well to exercise with a slight pelvic hinge and slight neck flexion. Pull the dumbbells up and back with your arms in a diagonal motion. When training is done in this way, the force is transmitted from the muscle fibers of the upper traps to the midline of the body, following the direction of the muscle fibers.

If you bend your neck only slightly, the shoulder joint muscles will contract completely instead of the neck muscles. With dumbbells, while doing this exercise, keep your shoulders in an outward rotation position and keep your arms at your sides. Since the muscle fibers in this exercise have a different orientation, it is better to lift the shoulder with a standard barbell or dumbbell.

Rows of curved dumbbells

Although this exercise also targets the lats, it is excellent for improving scapular retraction. For this exercise, I like to use dumbbells instead of barbells, as they allow the shoulders to rotate out of the chest and provide a wider range of motion.

How to perform bending on the dumbbell row

Using a 45-degree angle, bring the dumbbells to your upper abdomen / chest.

Bending the abdomen, buttocks and spine neutralizes the spine and keeps the core tight (lower back muscles). Always keep your feet parallel to the ground so that the resistance is focused on the traps instead of your body.

Pressing the shoulder blade

It is best to have exercises that help the trapezius do its job, support the shoulders and upper back, unless you are a bodybuilder and try to create a large trapezoid.

Squeezing the shoulder blades together is a simple way to do this. Keep your back and shoulders straight. Hold the shoulder blades together for three seconds and gently press them together. Slowly release the shoulder blades to bring them back to a relaxed state. Use a resistance bar to do this exercise or keep your arms in front like a goalpost.

Shoulder raising

Another way to keep the trapezius muscles strong is to simply lift the shoulder. As Kovacs points out, “shrugging” is an essential and simple exercise that works the trapezius muscles. If you want an extra challenge, use weights in your hands.

Keep upright while standing. Try to raise your shoulders as far as you can to your ears. Hold for a second before releasing your hand. Bring them back to a state of calm and serenity. Repeat 20 times.

High traction

Add weight to an Olympic bar, about 50% more than you use in a vertical row that runs hard. Hold the bar with a handlebar wider than shoulder width. Release the bar and let it hang in front of you. Then, with your lower back arched and your hips and shoulders pulled back, release the bar in full tension.

Use the traps, shoulders, hips, and legs together to raise the bar toward your chest, when it is about two inches above the knee. Once it reaches its final destination, it lowers the bar’s gravity again. Be sure to use your hips and legs shock absorber, springs When moving

Vertical row of single arm dumbbells

Here, I would like to use a weight to repetition strategy. I do the same number of repetitions with each weight. Then I do 50 reps of each arm with a 50 pound dumbbell. If I want to overdo it all at once, I force myself to take a step back and reorganize.

Starting from the elbow is very important for this operation. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Please do not ignore this idea: it will help you later when you feel tired.

Face stretch with low cable

Use a rope and tie it to the base of a cable rack with adjustable height. When using those traps, stand about two feet away from the connection for the best view. If you want to use it as a fat burner, do not stop or rest on top of it. It will be hard, but keep going until the end.

Choose a weight that is hard enough to give up, but not so hard that you have to cheat until the end of the set.

I hope you can use this information well Your training, And reach your goal – a thick, full-backed and well-developed trap!

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