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Hiking Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy top. That seems like Fuji-san inside Japan. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is approx 80 kilometres north-east of capital Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Volcano Damavand white-colored top and its gorgeous common fog up cover would be the most interesting sight of Iran peaks.

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The Irish Under-18 School Team will gather in Dublin this week The first training camp of the season.

Paul Barr will head Irish under-18 schools next season alongside assistant coach Andy Kiriako.

Players from four counties and the IQ Rugby Track have been called up to practice with the national team at the Irish Sports Campus following the PwC Under-18 Championship.

Ireland’s Under-18 schools will replace the building blocks of the upcoming season when they gather for a three-day campus campus on Wednesday.

“The return of national team teams is a real boost for anyone involved with the players’ path,” Peter Smith, IRFU’s head of elite player development, said before this week’s camps.

“Gaining the opportunity to develop and evaluate players in the medium term is the first point of our national age group program.

“The great work that schools and clubs do is underpinning these national programs.”

Irish Men’s Under-18 School Team

Tom Stewart (St Michael / Leinster College)
Danny Sheehan (PBC / Munster)
Andrew Sparrow (St. Mary’s College / Leinster)
Joe Hoops (Campbell College / Alster)
Ivan O’Connell (Kesteltroy / Monster College)
David Novak (Christian Brotherhood College / Munster)
Inigo Cruz O’Brien (Black Rock College / Leinster)
Brian Gleason (Rockwell College / Monster)
Oliver Kafi (Black Rock College / Leinster)
Jack Murphy (Presentation College Bray / Leinster)
Hugo McLaughlin (Gonzaga College / Leinster)
Luke Critzinger (Black Rock College / Leinster)
Sam Berman (St Michael / Leinster College)
David Colbert (Gonzaga College / Leinster)
Stephen Kelly (Kesteltroy / Monster College)
Oran Murphy (London Irish Rugby / IQ)
Flynn Piper (College Barry / Leinster Presentation)
Flynn Langstaff (Campbell / Alster College)
Joseph Coffee (CC Roscrea / Munster)
Michael Coleroy (Black Rock College / Leinster)
Steven Smith (Kilkenny College / Leinster)
Kamil Novak (Christian Brothers College / Munster)
Max Flynn (CC Roscrea / Connacht)
Jake Oriordan (St. Manchins College / Monster)
Sean Naton (Kilkenny College / Leinster)
Sean Condon (PBC / Munster)
Wilhelm Decklerk (St. Michael’s College / Leinster)
Harry Long (Ard Scoil Ris / Munster)
Lucas Kenny (CCB / Munster)
Ruben Moloney (Black Rock College / Leinster)
Jake Bowden (Methodist College / Ulster)
Ben Howard (St Michael / Leinster College)
Rize Blaise (Clongose ​​/ Connaught)
Richard Whelan (CC Roscrea / Leinster)
Ben McFarlane (Methodist College / Ulster)
Fin Tracy (College / Leinster Presentation).

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