Damavand Iran Trekking Tours
Hike program to the biggest volcanic peak in Persia. This nice-looking vast top is one of the most easily accessible vast 18600 ft volcano in the world. A frequently known prominent mountain goal which would be swiftly achieving regard with regards to trekking travelling goal. Mount Damavand is also the sky-scraping ski area for ski touring in West-Asia and is a popular destination for winter campaign.

Mount Damavand Iran is perhaps the promptest 5670 meters above sea level in our planet up to hike. The base lodge Poolour is absolutely 2 hours from TEHRAN’s IKA International Airport. In a compact timeframe program the public may advance to the mountain summit and additionally get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this amazing distinguished mountain summit.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Damavand Mountain is a superb symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy peak. That seems like Fuji Mountain inside Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is placed about eighty kms north-east of capital city Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Iran light peak and its particular lovely ordinary cloud cap is the almost appealing picture of Iran mountains.

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Tim Vinson is resting and holding tight

14 January 2022

Camp down in Vinson

Camp down in Vinson

Jonathan Sharak checked in this morning to let us know that the team is doing well and wants to have a good day at the camp. The team made a great climb to the camp yesterday, and after setting up and digging in the camp, decided to pump up the rest and rest a bit. The weather forecast for the next few days is strong, so they will continue to monitor and be ready to move when the mountain allows. Camp Cam is great for exercise, hiking and fitness, so do a lot of work as long as the mountain is calm.

Everything is fine for Vinson!

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