Damavand Trekking Tour
Mountaineering itinerary to the tallest summit in Iran. This delightful towering top is one of the most easily accessible towering 5670 m volcano in the world. A uncharted prominent summit destination which would be swiftly getting regard with respect to snow boarding visiting target. Damavand Mountain is also the great vertical extent ski slope for ski-touring in West-Asia and is a popular destination for winter sport activitiy.

Volcano Damavand is maybe the firmest 5670m in the world with hike. The base resort Poolour is absolutely 2 hours from Tehran’s IKA Int Air port. In a simple expression holiday plans somebody can possibly climb to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this distinguished summit.

Trekking Tour Damavand
Mt. Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy peak. It appears like Fujiyama Mountain inside Asia. Volcano Damawand dormant volcano is placed approx 80 km’s North East of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Volcano Damavand light summit and its gorgeous common fog up hat may be the most desirable picture of Iran summits.

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