Damavand Trekking Tour
plan to the biggest top in Iran. This beautiful giant summit is amongst the most easily accessible towering 18600 ft summit in the world. A frequently known prominent summit target which is generally swiftly gaining admiration for hike travelling destination. Volcano Damavand is also the most elevated for telemark ski in Iran and is a favored area for winter campaign.

Mount Damavand is doubtless the speediest 5670 masl in our planet that can walk. The first hutments Panagah Polor is without a doubt easily only two hours from Tehran’s IKA International Airport terminal. In a compact expression itinerary somebody can climb to the volcano peak and additionally get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this amazing distinguished top.

Trekking Tour Mt. Damavand
Damavand is a superb shaped cone volcano that has a narrow snowy summit. That seems like Fujiyama inside Asia. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano sits roughly 80 kms northeast of Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Damavand white peak and its stunning ordinary fog up top could be the mainly desirable look of Iran mountain tops.

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Wide Boyz Tackle The Great Rift (5.13) Leave the roof under 2500 feet of concrete bridge

Wide Boyz Tackle The Great Rift (5.13) Leave the roof under 2500 feet of concrete bridge

Notorious British climbers “Wide Boyz” Tom Randall and Pete Whitaker have completed what may be their worst path ever: a 2,500-foot-long slit that tracks England under a highway in Devon.

Big gap (5.13), walked “between 60 and 70 feet” and went down in a four-day pressure, sleeping at night in a ravine hanging under the bridge, with earplugs to prevent traffic noise overhead. This route follows the entire freeway bridge, from where it leaves the ground to where it returns Drought, And climbed team freestyle. This climb will appear in Reel Rock 16 in the spring of 2022.

(Photo: Reel Rock / Brett Lowell)

Whitaker said the two first came up with the idea in the spring of 2021, after a friend mentioned on Instagram that “he knew we were looking for something big to get stuck in.”

He said the bridge is far from the first gap that Wide Boys climbed, but it is undoubtedly the hardest and roughest bridge. “It really started with the epidemic,” Randall said rock climbing From Big gap. Pete and I are obsessed with climbing. We could not travel and crawling in Britain is terrible, so we had no choice.

(Photo: Reel Rock / Ray Wood)

Although the project was catalyzed by an epidemic, Whitaker acknowledged that the couple “quickly realized that these things could be very challenging because of the soft concrete as well as the consistent nature of the cracks.” “Often there is very little time.”

Big gap It followed a linear gap, but surprisingly, its size varied several inches. “The vast majority [of the route] Randall said it was as blue as Kamalut, adding that there were pieces of gold and a “disappointing” main ground that turned red. Difficulties ranged from 5.12d to 5.13b – and did not deviate for a total of 2,500 feet.

An endless piece in the middle of Britain may seem boring, or a cheap imitation of the real thing, but Randall was determined that its artificial nature had not diminished in the slightest. “It’s absolutely unbelievable,” he said. “If the climb was not good, I would not do it. It was not boring at all. You are watching every single one. You are fully committed and you are upside down all the time. “Take how much land you have. It varies from burning to wider to harder. Pieces of rubbish, car bumpers, plastic bottles, almost everything appears there.”

(Photo: Reel Rock / Ray Wood)

There was no time to clean up and then climb. Whitaker said it took a long time, and when the crack was being cleaned, the constant traffic was likely to clog the gap again. “We cleaned it with our bodies as we went up.”

Both people said that in general, climbing bridges makes climbing extremely good. “Technically it is completely unforgivable,” Randall said. “You can not cheat on it. No suspension without wrinkles. [Bridge cracks] They are also perfectly smooth on the inside, so they are relatively good on your skin.

“One of the major factors that surprises the uninitiated climber is how the incessant traffic on the bridge shakes the bridge,” Randall said. He admitted that this was perhaps the biggest problem the two faced during their ascent.

Portalj camp on the morning of the second day. (Photo: Reel Rock / Paul Diffley)

Randall said that of all the gaps in the bridge that went up, they never went up the bridge that was almost the same size. Big gap. “If you hang there and look at the two edges of the gap, you can see that they do not run parallel to each other by shaking the bridge,” he said. “If you look at your friends in the gap, they are shaking inside the gap. It moves so much. Sometimes you hang a jam, try to clamp it, and suddenly a truck passes over it and you say, “Okay, the gap has just widened!” “While you are in the jam.”

While Randall was reluctant to say that this was the last bridge gap he had ever climbed, Whitaker admitted that he felt at least “closed the season for the cracks in the large concrete roof.” “I know how it is now,” he said. “I do not need to search.”

Randall was also heavily influenced by the Reel Rock project. In terms of what has been filmed over the years, it looks like a very good project has been filmed and managed. “I think he is going to make a unique film.”

In addition to the film crew, a number of public spectators were present, including several who contacted police and briefed the climbers. Their initial attempt actually stopped two days later, when police pulled them down the wall. In their second (and final) attempt, they coordinated with the police in advance and were allowed to climb unhindered.

But the most important part of the process was training. Since the discovery of the crack nearly a year and a half ago, the two have had to put all their willpower into practice to send it. “Just a few years ago, Pete and I could not do that,” Randall said. We were not good enough climbers. [The Great Rift] It took us to the limit of our abilities. “It was not a propaganda stunt or just because the line was attractive or unique.”

“Mountaineering was very difficult.”

Owen Clark Is a freelance writer who lives on the road. In addition to spending time in the mountains, he enjoys motorcycles and heavy visitingآل Video games, And key lime feet

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