Damavand Weather Forecast
In general terms and as far as mountaineering is concerned Mount Damavand Iran has only 2 seasons, summer or winter! Autumn and as well, spring are really short and treated as as cold outlook for hiking & trekking Mt. Damavand Iran.
Within summer season, mid-June to September, Mt Damavand météo is ideal for climbing. The weather factors in othe seasons is tough and regarded the fact that off-season for walking.
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Captured by machine: lead to automatic release to market

Captured by machine: lead to automatic release to market

Yes, you read the headline Properly. The long-awaited lead-compatible bus will enter the European market in 2022. The US market will follow suit.

When used properly, automation allows you to plan and train on your own, which is great when you and your partners have little time. But, since they have traditionally anchored above the walls, climbers have always been limited to vertical or plank terrain and only rope from above. However, ProGrade has now turned it around, anchoring the system at the bottom of the wall, allowing you to climb steep slopes alone.

ProGrade was born four years ago. We regularly went to the UrbanWall climbing stadium in Milan and attended it often [a group of] “Three with a very long and often annoying waiting time,” said Filippo Bolini, co-founder of ProGrade. It was then that the idea of ​​a more versatile, lead-compatible pen was introduced.

“It all started there,” he said. [and then] “The first prototype made with 3D printing parts and components isolated from home appliances.” The first model was promising and was followed by four years of research and development, testing and four other prototypes. Installed on UrbanWall.

“During the first two months, we recorded 3,700 ascents,” Bolini said. “A lot of people are fascinated by how ProGrade works, with the features it offers … We have received many compliments and congratulations that make us proud. Even the most skeptical, who at first did not want to try it, were finally convinced and satisfied with the experience.

So how do they work? Sensors, software and motors that read the movement of the rope and eliminate the looseness based on it. The system is a mechanical lock, similar to most friction-assisted brake devices. You will be pleased to know that ProGrade is CE certified (required for products sold in the EU), and Bolini said: “Tested under a customary climbing regulation (UIAA) by a dolomiticert certification body.”

ProGrade is compatible with any type of lead wall and may change to vertical rope top mode. Users simply close, press a button on the touch screen, and most importantly, make sure their node is checked before starting the climb.

The ProGrade team did not specify a timeline for US availability. “We are currently working on building an international sales network with the help of partners and distributors,” Bolini said. Due to the high market acceptance, it is possible that this stage will happen faster than expected.

Post Captured by machine: lead to automatic release to market Appeared first rock climbing.

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