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In general coverage and as far as mountaineering is concerned Damavand Iran has only two seasons, summer and winter! Autumn and as well, spring are too short and considered as cold meteo for climbing Mt. Damavand Iran.
In summer season, mid-June to September, Mt Damavand Iran climate is just the thing for hiking. The temp in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded the fact that off-season for climbing.
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Duffy, Coleman and Candy returned to the Olympics for the US National Climbing Championships, but the results were amazing.

Duffy, Coleman and Candy returned to the Olympics for the US National Climbing Championships, but the results were amazing.

United States National Climbing ChampionshipsThis weekend began with a lead mountaineering course at Momentum Indoor Climbing in Salt Lake City. The main field of 52 women and 59 men was steadily reduced to eight men and eight women for the final round on Sunday evening, an exciting showcase of veteran intelligence and youthful zeal … with amazing endings.

The Olympics solve the main puzzle. Grupper proves to be unstoppable

23-year-old Luke Mohring climbed the men’s section for the first time and crossed the very low physical section of the route. A delicate knee brace near the third clamp indicated he was entering the middle of the track, but Mohring remained cool and used another knee brace on the next move. Eventually, Mohring fell while moving on a large geometric volume, trying to hit the twister with his left hand.

Jesse Grupper, winner of the 2021 National Championship. (Photo: Barry Robles)

The left-hander proved to be in the middle, as the next two rivals scored similarly to Muehring. Sean Faulkner of Canada, who competed as a foreign national, held the upper left corner of the boulder long enough to be awarded full points – 27 – before the fall, while Timothy Kang Matching score 26+.

The biggest surprise of the round came when Zander Waller and Ross Folkerson both shot from the narrow edge of the right and finished with scores of +17 and 18, respectively. Both rivals looked solid before falling low. Such early outputs should be seen merely as unfortunate anomalies in the stellar seasons for Waller and Folkerson.

With only three rivals left, Jesse Grupper climbed the wall and slowly climbed to the bottom of the track. Grouper’s methodical move led World Cup gold medalist and guest commentator Sean Bailey to declare several times (who did not compete in the national championships over the weekend), “Jesse has the ability to rest on almost anything, and he often does. Uses.”

Olympic champion Colin Duffy is looking forward to winning the next 2021 National Lead Championships. (Photo: Barry Robles)

Grupper worked through a left-handed bump that stopped previous competitors from creating a new climax. Away from the wall, Grupper cut off his legs and sank deep into Gaston’s left. The crowd went wild with such a dangerous move that it was so high on the wall. Although Grupper fell into the penultimate grip, commentator Pete Woods noted that the performance was “an inspirational mountain to climb.” The constant roar of the crazy crowd reflected this feeling.

The last two rivals – Colin Duffy and Nathaniel Coleman – tried to overtake Grupper +41. Duffy climbed first and also went through the cracks and on the wall of the head, but while hitting a small restraint from a similar underclassing, he fell and finished with a score of +34. Coleman also worked quickly from the lower body and main body. However, commentators point out that Coleman seemed to be entering the upper part of the path. Coleman kept coming close to Duffy, but he could not. Coleman fell by +31 points. In doing so, Coleman won a bronze medal and a silver duffy – hardware that anyone can add to their impressive list of honors in 2021, which includes participating in the Olympics. And in the case of Coleman, an Olympic silver medal).

The gold medal for the 24-year-old Gruper was his second consecutive national title. He previously won the 2019 championship and the 2020 National Lead Championship was canceled due to an epidemic.

End for ages; Mason surprises the audience

The women’s final lap began with the slow ascent of 18-year-old Gillian Gerlitz through a variety of red tracks and the creation of an initial peak of +34. The stop motion for the Gerlitz proved to be an improvement around and above a large yellow underside. The same sequence stopped the next rival, Nora Chi, although both Gerlitz and Chi had moments to enliven the crowd. In the case of Chi, the amputation of the legs and going to the campus by moving before the caravan caused a great deal of applause from the fans present.

Olympic champion Keira Candy gets some plaster. (Photo: Barry Robles)

Keira Candy, who competed in the Olympics this summer like Colin Duffy and Nathaniel Coleman, climbed faster than the girls at the bottom of the women’s track. Candy was the first competitor to use his right foot to kneel to work on the shattering yellow underbody. Significantly, Candy continued to climb at breakneck speed, seldom resting and working in the upper part of the trail. He eventually fell while coming out of the toe hook, but not before reaching a new high point of 45 points.

Cloe Coscoy slowed down, rested more than Condie along the way, and had equal success in crux with drop-knee beta before falling. Casco’s score of 37+ was not enough for the best candidate, but he kept Casco in the top results. Kevin Mason took the next step and not only went through the volume below the main part, but also continued to a new high point in the main wall. Mason weighed his left foot and crawled around the wall artery, entering the highest part of the wall and moving through a pair of prismatic volumes to tighten the upper slope and close the chain.

The following competitors, Kylie Cullen and Megan Lynch, both progressed skillfully down the track. They each surpassed halfway through the wall – and brought the crowd to their passionate climax – as they chased Mason Score. However, neither Cullen nor Lynch could match Mason’s lead, finishing with 37+ and 33 points, respectively.

Melina Costanza, 21, who made the final climb in this round, made a courageous effort to climb and seemed “very bored” in all sections of the route. He even stuck his foot in the rope for a short time, but kept his composure to work in unpleasant conditions and soon returned to his soft rhythm to round the wall art. In the busiest moment of the round, Costanza came close to the top of the track … and with it, victory. However, when his left hand was held to the last, his right hand jumped and fell. As a result, Costanza was awarded a silver medal (with a score of +49). Keira Kennedy received the bronze and Top Mason secured the gold.

Interpreter Pete Woods rightly concluded that the women’s final was “as close as it was supposed to be,” and Mason and Costanza parted ways with only a top support and a severed chain. Mason himself admitted in a post-event interview that he was “a little shocked” to win the national title. But most importantly, that result created a new American star in 18-year-old Mason, while building on the reputation that Costanza had already built this year in the North American Cup series, as well as the power of the star that Candy’s through advertising. And the excitement gained, did not diminish. From the Olympics. Olympic champion Natalia Grossman and Brooke Rabuto, who said goodbye to the 2022 World Cup season due to their current ranking in the top ten IFSC, did not participate in the national championship but still have stellar power. Having established stars and stars under construction was a great way to showcase the exciting USA Climbing weekend event in Salt Lake City.



  1. Jesse Grouper
  2. Colin Duffy
  3. Nathaniel Coleman
  4. Sean Faulkner
  5. Timothy Kang
  6. Luke Mooring
  7. Ross Falkerson
  8. Zander Waller


  1. Kevin Mason
  2. Melina Costanza
  3. Kyra Candy
  4. Kylie Cullen
  5. Cleo Casco
  6. Nora Chi
  7. Jillian Gerlitz
  8. Megan Lynch
Men’s platform. (Photo: Barry Robles)
Ladies’ platform. (Photo: Barry Robles)

Post Duffy, Coleman and Candy returned to the Olympics for the US National Climbing Championships, but the results were amazing. Appeared first rock climbing.

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