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In general coverage and as far as mountaineering could concerned Damavand Mountain has only two seasons, summer then winter! Autumn and spring are far too short and treated as as cold meteo for mountaineering. In summer season, mid-June to September Mt Damavand Iran temp is ideally suited for trekking. The meteo in othe seasons is tough and regarded the fact that off-season for walking.
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Education and football must confront the prejudice that keeps black coaches back Josh Gowling

What is being taught in school now does not reduce any prejudice, but the sport I love has the power to change perceptions.

As someone who has been playing football since I was a child, I spent two decades in it and I was lucky enough to become a manager, I like to think I am an asset to the sport. Then I remember that I am one of the few lucky people in my position. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. I know many blacks and ethnic minorities who could have made great managers, football managers and coaches, but they could not see where the opportunities were coming from. Football loses some great minds because they feel the door is closed on them and that is really sad.

Society is full of subconscious prejudices, and given that football is a close mirror of life, we have to admit that there are many of them here. For many of us, this is an everyday reality, but it has come to the fore in recent weeks. October is the month of black history, and it made me ask how we can tackle these injustices more effectively, and how football can take the lead.

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